ToaKylerak Moc: Movie Hordika Vakama/ General of the Visorak

Here is a moc of Vakama that I made today. I felt like making a villian at first but later I decided to make him more like his movie form. I used darker pieces mainly because they work but you could also say that this is his evil form.

Here's Vakama with his cool new hordika fire hand...

...his launcher nicely folds in... well as out.


Wow that's really awesome! ~Detox

looks just like the movie!



Really impressed with the rhotuka spinner attatchment


Awesome! I like the launcher and his arm a lot.

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Aside from the fire blade sides being black (Which is unavoidable, those parts never came in red, I don't think) He looks really good. I love the Rhotuka spinner you did, I had always wanted to try something like that. The sets just didn't have that, and I thought that would have been simple to do. Nice work, show those Lego Designers who's king.

EDIT: I also noticed what you did with the Mata Arm. That always bugged me on the original set, there was no movement at the elbow. Looks like you took care of that. If this guy had been on a shelf, I would have bought him right away.

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This uses a lot more black than there was in the movie, but still, really great job!

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Hmmm not bad. It definitely looks more like the movie form. thumbsup

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love the fire claw! looks sooooo much better than the original.


Nice. I like the blend of movie accuracy and functionality.

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This is great! Just like how he was in the movie.

8/8 no b8 m8