ToaKylerak Moc: The Makuta

Here is a second revamp of The Makuta.

This is Makuta

This is him using his shadow hand

This is Makuta siting on his throne

Hope you guys enjoy and remember to leave constructive criticism for future mocs.


Not bad at all!. My one suggestion would be maybe to change the Shield piece on the chest to gunmetal, as the Silver detracts a bit from the overall MoC and it may fit better with the black and red color scheme you used. Too bad the piece doesn't come in black frowning


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Thanks, for your response. I may try to fix that for next time.

Just wanted to intervene before this gets out of hand. Lets try to keep the discussion and posts related to the posted MoC and not on off-topic arguments.


I am nothing, yet I am everything. For I am the Makuta! Mwahhhhahaahaa.

Actually, brother, the quote goes: "You cannot destroy me... For I am nothing."

Unless he wishes it.

Enough of this. Let's just keep everything on topic and make sure we don't act rude to each-other, just like Star said.

As for my brother's MOC... He made a previous version of Makuta beforehand. This version is a whole lot better than his previous, which was extremely tall, but seemed a bit clunky.

Actually, I have. However, he was taken apart a while ago. His name was going to be Mikarix, and was a shadow matoran and a slave to a former Makuta I had made called Ruuto. Here is a picture of them:

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This would be my first version.

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Here is my revised version, thanks from @Starparu



The final one is awesome but it didn't seem like he was sitting on a throne, rather leaning on a wall lol

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