ToaKylerak: Toa of Time

What if there was a toa of time? What would he look like? Here is what I came up with. The I made my own interpretation of the completed Vahi, then around that I drew a basic toa body around it and made the toa of time. Tell me what you think, what would make it more cool.


I like how you made the Vahi like a samurai mask, bro. Looks very clever.

I like the torso and arns, but the legs could use a little more detail. wink


If I were you, I'd look at the animations and observe how they use more than one shade of any given color, then try to apply that.

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He'd be made of CCBS with a gearbox.

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Looks kinda like a Toa Ekimu

which is weird

I think that the Toa’s name would be Toa Vahi. I mean, think about it. The Mask of Life’s Toa was named Ignika, after the Mask of Life’s Kanohi name. The Mask of Time’s Kanohi name is the Vahi, so…yeah.

True, the Toa of Light wasn’t named Toa Avokhii. But that was because Takanuva was basically an upgraded form of Takua. If the Toa of Time was created from scratch like Toa Ignika was, then I imagine his name would be Toa Vahi.

Was that point really necessary to make on a four year old MOC topic?

Agree with it though I might; but everyone’s entitled to make their self insert the way they want. Whether or not it’s good, or canonically compliant, isn’t necessary; it’s not like anyone is going to assume it’s canon anyway.

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He didn’t title the character “ToaKylerak”, it’s just a topic title attributing himself as the author of it. Hence his username. I would know… It’s my brother.

In that instance, I think something like “ToaKylerak’s MOCs: Toa of Time” would have been less misleading. Also… who else here puts their username in the title? It’s not a convention I’ve been aware of.

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I actually wanted to make my own topic on a Toa of Time, but then this topic popped up, so I decided it would be better to post my thoughts here.

But it’s tremendously off-topic, especially when this is about a MOC. If you have your own MOC of it, wouldn’t it be better to make your own topic?

It’s not a MOC; I had a theoretical point about a potential Toa of Time.

Then it doesn’t have a place here, my dude. This is simply a piece of artwork to comment upon. That stuff should go in BIONICLE discussion.