ToaKylerak's: Matoran Hang-Glider

I always wanted to use Gresh’s weapons for something so I decided to make them into a hang-glider that Le-matoran would use to travel Karhi-Nui.

So tell me whatcha think of it.


I like it, it looks nice and compact

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It’s beautiful. The Gresh weapons and the Hahli wings look nice together!


That is amazing.

Reminds me of an idea that I had to make wearable wings for Matoran in order for them to ride the air currents. Except mine would be actual wings, and not a hang-glider.

Great job!

Looks great!

Yeah I feel like making attachable armor or tools to characters, I have yet to make a succesful looking exo-toa for the inika build.

If I we’re to summarise this is one word it would be “Neat-o”

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Very nice. I like the design.

I always tried to find a good way to use those Gresh blades, and I hoped I’d pull it off.

It’s so adorable…

Ya, they look good.