Toatrex's moc topic

In the introduce yourself topic i Said that i was a mocist, so here is a topic for me too show you some of them

Here is My hahli revamp. I’m realy happy with how her torso turned out.


I agree that the torso is nice. The limbs are quite basic but I suppose they work. Not sure about the light bley pieces in the feet, considering the minimal use of that color elsewhere in the MOC.


Actually, I don’t notice it. It just fits with the other grey and silver. I like the weapon, but the torso is a bit thin…

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wolf whistle

Anyway that moc’s good…Dunno about the lower leg armor and the grey, but she looks nice.

I made a few other mocs around the same time as i made hahli. Here is a few

this is an unnamed po-toa i made for a contest on instagram. (That i won). He has been dismanteled since then.

This is My gelu revamp. Has also been dissmanteled


Okay, well, the Gelu revamp is awesome(even though I hate knee-spikes; that’s just me)0, but the Po-Toa’s color scheme leaves something to be desired.

I feel like Gelu should have actual hands. (as in the pre-09 hands)

He has two fingers on each hand

I’d agree on the Toa of Stone’s color scheme; it’s a bit haphazard, but I think the colors go well enough together that it isn’t a huge problem. I hate silver masks on MOCs where silver isn’t the element color, though. Still, the torso looks nice (maybe a little thin?) and the weapons are very well done.

Gelu’s neck looks a bit thin, and his lower legs look ridiculously thick from the side, but again he has great weapons; they’re recognizably Gelu’s, but better. Good job on the torso too.

Keep up the good work!

I’m realy proud of this one. The latest version of My self moc, phantoka Rohrik. He normaly has a different colourscheme made up by metrublue, yellow and black with a little silver. Rohrik is a Male toa of water, wich i don’t realy Care about since i never read the bionicle story too begin with.

obligatory back shot
alternate weapons


When I saw it I dropped what I had, which were some bionicle pieces

MAN you look good. Just as good as a few other great Self mocs. Dunno about the arm-wings, lightsaber heels, or the shields but other then that it’s amazing!

The lightsaber heels are kinda weird, and the shield is gappy, but other than that this is really good!

Dang I love that color scheme! Those forearms looks sick as well!

@charyas the lightsaber heels are supossed too be some kind of boosters too help with flying
these are all previous versions of rohrik


Phantoka Rohrik

Now, before I review this, I just want to say that I think this MOC is amazing. That was my first thought when I saw this model. It has a few flaws, but it overshadows them.

Legs: from the side, the lower legs are really thick and stick out. I do like the boot jets, too.

Body: The body is pretty clever, especially since it has waist articulation.

Arms: The arms are pretty good. Thu upper arms have a gap in them under the armor. I like the lower arms. The hands could be better, too.

Wings: the wings are okay, but what’s with the Turaga neck piece on the front of the silver Bohrok feet? It seems pointless, and makes it look unfinished.

Head: The mask looks kinda odd at first, but it’s okay.

Weapons: The weapons are pretty good, I especially like the spear’s handle, but the spear head looks odd. Also, the shield is kinda gappy. The black on the Midak Skyblaster conflicts with the color scheme, but I don’t know how you could fix that. No complaints on that sword.

Overall: great color scheme, good MOC. As I said, on first glance, it looks awesome, and then you notice the flaws. This MOC is pretty good.

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The thing about the wings is that They previously had a different design and i changed when i had brought him too school and i never got around too removing the unnesesary pieces

2008 revamps


obligatory back shot



Antroz v1

Antroz v2



wings folded out
Wings folded in



And lastly Gorast



These are really well done. I like Gali and Chirox in particular. Bitil could be a little more bug-like, though.


Wasn’t Bitil, in-story, the one who saw Gorast and Krika being mutated and got out of the water quicker? He would be the least buggy.


I didn’t know that

Neither did I…