Tobduk, The Executioner(ver.Bu)

Long time no see, my friend! :relieved:
After the Canon contest was cancelled, I had a mental breakdown and took some time off.
However, I have recently started to touch Piece a little again, and I have built a new Ver. Bu for my collection!

OK today’s MOC is …

"My time is coming. I was made for war." - Tobduk

【Tobduk (ver.Bu)】

kanohi : Great Sanok
Tool : Staff, Daggers
Power : Anger absorption
Note : Senior member of Order of Mata Nui


The original MOC is great, but I thought I could fix his heel “bounce” and improve his hip and ankle mobility.

And I built the new structure that for making better his movability.
Off course, it can hold his daggers, and the holder can be moved and doesn’t conflict witjh his articulation.

AND… yeah, I know what you want to say. :relieved:

But don’t worry. :wink:
Please look closely his leg, and the dark-red leg piece.

Actually, I didn’t “CUT” its ball joint.
In origin, this piece was Perditus’ leg, and it’s known to easy to break in naturally.

Of course I lamented at first, but when I decided to build Tobduk, I realized the possibility of using this broken piece as armor of similar design to his original design.
In fact, it would not interfere with the mobility of his ankles, yet still retain the impression of the original.

If BIONICLE piece has broke and you didn’t trash it, it become into GREATLY and RAREST piece, and it will save your BIONICLE-life!


"When my new friends took me in, they named me ‘Tobduk,’ which I hear means ‘survivor.’ Their idea of a joke, I guess. Cause, you see, I didn’t survive. I don’t even know who I used to be. I’m not who I was … and I’m not what the Order wanted to make me. I am no one."

Thank you! :blush: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:


aaaah yessss, another ver.Bu. As usual with your mocs he looks awesome! I love how similar it is to the original!


I love how you used the broken pieces! When I did the giant Miserix dragon, I got the chance to use several cracked/broken elements. It’s cool when you get to use a piece that otherwise might get tossed. Well done on this embodiment of cheerfulness and passivity!


looks super cool!

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You made a broken piece look good.
You are a genius!

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Well, the moc is definitely excellent, although it seems to suffer from the same issues the original one had. And those leg pieces… Man, I don’t know how to feel about that. Aesthetically it works, but my soul still suffers at the sight of it.


Very happy to see (ver.Bu) pop up in the new topics list! Nice to see this character fleshed out a bit more and really amazing poseability you managed to get in

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did you use laser pointers to light up the transparent bits in the main photo?


Looks pretty nice. The Staffhead glow-bit looks great and he has a way better flow in his design.

Oh yeah that sucks. I’m glad that you’ve recovered now and gift us with some more of your mocs.

Would have loved to have your mocs be canon.

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Especially his Orde :cry:


Yes, used a green laser!


That posability tho :fire:

Those flimsy leg pieces :unamused:. It wasn’t your fault BTW. Great use of them. :+1:


Tobduk always had a solid design and this looks even better!