toe Helryx (cannon contest #1 | The First) entry.

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My version of Helyx is about 13 inches tall and is vary stable. If you look at the pictures closely you can see that every limb is supported by an extra ball and socket connection in the back of it. This is needed because of the sheer size of the figure and its weapon. There are also no illegal connections or specially made pieces in this Bionicle. I added a connection for the shield to attach to its back because I liked the way it looked better that way. I would like to point out that the weapons are extremely heavy making them impossible for most Bionicle’s to hold. The only reason she can hold them up is because of the extra stabilizers on the back of her arms.


It has a very heroic posture and proportion, similar to that of g1 optimus prime, I love the overall shaping… very well done and best of luck!

This does not look like a Toa. Looks more like a Makuta or a Dark Hunter.


i have to agree. i built the mock before i new the how she should look. although it is a mock i am pleased with, it doesn’t fit vary well with the Gide lines.

That mace design is the best I have ever seen!