Togran the big Skakdi

A large Skakdi, despite his brutish appearance he is quite intelligent, especially for a Skakdi.
His spine unlike most Skakdi starts at his upper back and ends wrapping around his waist, because of this he wears a custom made Kanohi that covers the upper half of his head.
After being threatened right in his store Sa Reylon decided to hire Togran as his bodyguard, the two get along well although Togran does get a little upset when he doesn’t get paid on time and he is quite unpleasant when he’s upset.


Doesn’t really look a whole lot like a Skakdi to me, but I guess he looks alright. The different tire textures is a little odd to me, also. But I can see some things going for him!

Pros are 2 points and cons are -1 points

Color scheme
Coustom head
Cool arms
Legs are very skakdi like
Has a reidak design
Blades are also skakdi like

Close to crossing the like with the head of being a skakdi

Overall… 11
Great skakdi like figure
Edit head though

Looks alright I suppose. He seems to rely a bit too heavily on tires for his bulk. The head could also use some work, but I like how it looks from the top view. Good MOC overall.

There are several reasons for this, one being that I ran out of technic wheels to use for his upper arms. But true it does remind me of this

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