Tohru the Assassin [Artwork for The_Blue_Panda]

Well, it’s been a long time coming since @The_Blue_Panda asked me to draw his self-moc but here we are. Got real busy with irl stuff and had a bit of a creative block but then one day late last year I got more work done in an afternoon than I had in 6 months…inspiration is fickle isn’t it?

Pushed myself to try some lighting stuff. Below is the version with the “B” Background, the foreground is a little messed up due to painting on the wrong layer…


Made this cloudy daytime background first but then felt it was too cheerful :stuck_out_tongue:
Also here is some of the sketches as well as the transparent lineart.

Was happy with the one in the bottom left but it looked to feminine to me. Mask was definitely the hardest part because it kept looking goofy!

@The_Blue_Panda be active again lol

C&C Welcome, although this isn’t representative of my style per say as it’s like 8 months old.

Pretty sure I have some other wips (Yeah I have about 5, some are way too ambitious and will likely never get done.) to go with but I am open to ideas for future drawings :smiley:


That looks so awesome!!!

I couldn’t have done a better job!!!

Thank you so so much for sticking to my request! It was completely worth it to spend a year and a half on it!!

Awesome job!


Ah this looks pretty nice! I like how you can make out the various lego parts.


“I’m a man of my word!”

Thank you! So glad you like it!

Yeah I like to distort them but only a bit, some parts I change more to make a drawing more humanoid.

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good thing you finished this still think the masks to small compeered to the original

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ooo nice - looks great!