Tohunga Re-release in 2003

Hey guys I have a question concerning an old Tohunga set with the 2001 build I recently bought from ebay.
It came with the classic Tohunga instructions but instead of the poster with the Tohunga and the respective Toa on the back there was a Rakshi poster.
This has to mean its a Re-release of these old sets from 2003 i’ve never heard of before.
And due to the Internet not giving me an answer I, wanted to ask you Guys if you know anything about that?

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The Tohunga were not re-released in 2003. Chances are that was just included by the Ebay seller as a bonus/mistake, and certainly not intentionally.


No they actually were at least Huki and Matoro was given out in malls in hungary in 2003. I personally have the huki re release.

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Is there any difference in packaging? I’m curious to see this.

Yes there is no number indicating Huki is number one as it does on the Mcdonalds counterpart and also obviously the Mcdonalds logo is not on the packaging.

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Interesting, I can’t find any news about this. Do you still have the packaging, maybe a picture?

This is the instruction with the 2003 Poster I was Talking about


Yes i do still have the packaging and i could post it tomorrow.

also as a point of reference you could check this brickset page

  • my apologies they were given out in Holland not Hungary.

Here ya go.


Don’t quote me on this, but I remember reading somewhere that the Mctoran were given out at C1000 stores in the Netherlands during 2003.

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