Tohunga Rupahu (my McToran builds)

These are the tohunga of Rupahu Nui, the island for my setting. (These are also all of the matoran that have been showing up on my previous posts)

I use a hose pice to make the articulated necks. For Mctoran, I would recommend using you use the soft/thin hose pieces as the regular those can break the neck pin on the McToran torso. Cutting it down to a 2 long axle will make it look nice on the torso.

I would also recommend pre bending the hose off the body before posing your McToran.

It looks just like MNOG!

This is Puehu the po tohunga. He was a champion of Akilini, a popular disc throwing sport on Rupahu Nui. After the island split in half, he was forced into the life of a scavenger. After a long time of wandering the desert, he stumbled across Roto, toa of water. Despite trying to push him away with her pickily personality, he stuck to her like glue. Unwilling to wonder alone again.

His name was originally going to be the Māori word for stone but that turned out to be Kohatu. So instead I went with Puehu, which is the Māori word for dust.

These are two ko tohunga are Runa (on the left) and Whatu (on the right). after the island split, their village was lost with the two of them making it out by chance. Unsure if they were the last remaining tohunga of their village, the two of them survived together until they happen upon a newly awakened Puia, toa of stone. Since then, the two of them have been traveling with the strange toa, as he tries to figure out his destiny. Hoping that in doing so they find solace too.

Whatu means eye in maori, while Runa is not based on a maori word at all, since she was named before this naming scheme. She was actually the fist character I came up with in this setting, a ko matoran driller that survives in a hostile enviroment. Her name is derived by the mask she wares, the Huna, with the H replaced with an R to make the word seem more mystic.

These two ta tohunga are Waro (in front), captain of the guard and Tahuna (in back) his second in command and trusted friend. After the island was split in half, the village of the ta tohunga was still standing. The tohunga became more protective over their village in the aftermath, causing them to become militaristic and untrustworthy of outsiders.

Waro means ash in maori, and Tahuna mean burn.

Here are some more photographic pictures of the tohunga.

Runa vs Raiona (the main rivalry in my setting)


don’t remember @Runa looking so small

Jokes aside, I like these guys. They’re pretty simplistic but the colours are pleasing


Two Tohunga are prototyped by the LEGO corp. for pre-market testing, which Kjeld brought to his father’s ranch. They were lost, setting the release for Bionicle back by decades. (circa 1966)


Very nice! Their color schemes and lore are pretty good and seeing custom mctoran is always neat.


@Ghid yeah, I was running out of daylight so my phones camera quality got super grainy.

@Monopoly & @Rukah Thank you! I tried to keep the body as unmodified as possible as I like the original McToran build. Though the colored mata heads make them look so much better and of course neck articulation.


Update: got some resin printed masks by Om3g4sKanohiForge to use for my Tohunga.

I’ve updated Whatu so he’s warring the mask I intended for him (before his Kakama he was wearing a metallic blended white Mahaki. The Natalia bothered me quiet a bit) and now the all white matoran is complete.

Also made a yellow and red Tohunga as a bonus (who I didn’t know was a canon character untill later).