Tokaauto, the magnetic chronicler

Tokaauto is a chronicler who records the adventure of Toa Imana


Tokaauto was originally a famous adventurer, adventuring across matoran universe, especially the northern part of southern isles. No one knows where he was came from. He eventually arrived at the island of Imana, a dangerous island containing a coastal village named Imana-koro which was populated by a turaga of magnetism, Toa Imana, a team of six toa of magnetisms who came to various regions across matoran universe, and fa-matorans. The turaga of the village thought this matoran adventurer will be able to record the story of his people’s protectors, Tokaauto became Toa Imana’s chronicler.

Around 2000 years before the great cataclysm, Toa Imana and Tokaauto went deep into the island of Imana to search a missing matoran, eventually ending up meeting a makuta, who is also the one who kidnapped the matoran. Toa Imana fought the kidnapper, eventually they lost and the Toa team, Tokaauto, and the kidnapped matoran was killed by the makuta.


ah cool, i like the custom build!


Love the system used in the arms and torso!