Tomodachi life

yes this game, I really cant explain this game, its just...there

but I will go ahead and try to: tomodachi life is a game similar to the likes of animal crossing, instead you are more of a observer than anything, and you can add any mii you like to this me, it will be hilarious...oh and you can make them sing songs, its pretty wierd, but its nintendo so I'll let it slide
post what you forced upon your islands inhabitents below in the comments


From what I've seen, this looks like a fun game. I wish all these great new games coming out were released a generation ago.

All hail the virtual boy.


Inthelittlewood has a great let's play on it.

I know, but more talking about what you did then what others did

I mentioned this in another topic, but I do plan on playing this. It looks fun and extremely random. I shall create an island filled with Bionicle characters! UAHAHAHAHA.

I named my island "Mata Nui". It's quite funny to hear that being said by Nintendo characters.

Haha, that's awesome. Do they pronounce it the right way?

I had to adjust the pronunciation in the beginning, but now they saw it correctly.

Do it!

10/10 English would read again

Definitely. Didn't realize until now I said "saw"...

I have all the TTV Members on my island. Of course, I had to guess what Viper, Exx, and Takuma looked like when making their Miis...

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