Here's where you can discuss the classic MMORPG:


I remember this
I liked this
was I like..7?
I dunno

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I remember playing the trial. It was a weird game.

.....moving on because I don't know what this is.

It definitely was...

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I joined it one day, but the next it got taken down. But I heard it was a fun game, like wizard 101.

OH MAN! I miss this game so much! smiley
However it used to crash my computer...


By far, the best part was abandoning it in favor of Lego Universe.

By far, my worst decision was not knowing that LU existed until it was ogre

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There is still a way of playing it...

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this game is my childhood

i used to glitch into the void beyond my house

good times...


lol i remember this game used to play it when i was younger, still remember the commercials for it too

I'm probably one of the only ones on this board that is still active in that community, and I recommend everyone to avoid it as much as possible lol, it's just full of drama and immaturity.