toornacen the hallow spectrum

Toornacen was once a young and reckless teenager who always like to case trouble no matter who it was his mother told him a story about the hallow witch who punishes naughty people and curses them Toornacen ignored his mom warning one night his did the most Impractical Joke of all time so his mother grounded him to his bedroom while his mother went for dinner with an old friend something happened out of nowhere the hallow witch appeared in his bedroom and Punished him for his bad deeds and turned him into a hallow spectrum ghost he was curse for internity to wonder in the darkness forest and consumes those who dare enter his domain


i see you are all ready for the spooky month.
it’s a wee bit messy in some places, but i like it.


Ngl he’s kinda creepy looking

Which is what you were going for, right?


Indeed I was my friend


Very creepy!

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