Top 10 TTV Channel Moments of 2015 - Chosen by You!

Hey everyone! December is right around the corner, and with it comes winter, Christmas, and the beginning of 2016!

But geez, what a year 2015 has been. Bionicle returned, leaks ran rampant, we've partnered with Vessel and seen amazing support, and we've seen an incredible boom in viewership and general growth! And that wouldn't have been possible without you! Yes, even you. Because of you, we get to do what we love and provide for the community we've practically grown up with.

So as the year ends, we're preparing to end it with a bang! However, we want you to be a part of this New Years extravaganza.

What we're asking of you now is to reply to this topic with your Top 10 TTV Moments of 2015. And these can be from any video on our channel!

In order to submit a moment, you'll need to post the moment along with a link to the video containing it, as well as a time-stamp for the moment. The most popular choices will be rounded up into a poll where you guys can vote for the winners, with the Top 10 being made into a full fledged video! This video is in your hands - So get to typing!

This stage will run for a week and a half - it ends Dec 9th! So get going! Thank you, and have fun!


I'll list off a few of my favorites:

-In one of the podcasts, Viper pronounced tomato weirdly and the rest of the cast began to discuss that instead of the actual topic. (Podcast 149)
-Venom's review of Eljay's CCBS mask for the competition.
-The "Face" Reveal, going alongside the new shirts and Eljay's new mask.


From the rules:

"In order to submit a moment, you'll need to post the moment along with a link to the video containing it, as well as a time-stamp for the moment."



I think one of the Top 10 moments would have to be the entire process of Eljay getting "fired"
("You have not been on your A-game as of late." - Meso).

The process begins at 54:27 (time-stamped) and Eljay gets fired at 56:26.


This whole video was a goody, too.

Edit: Dunno what happened. For some reason it posted TWO of the same thing. Sorry about that.


I nominate every instance of "Mardi Gras" for every spot on the list.

Edit: Now that I think of it, I have an actual nomination; The time when Takuma joined was pretty fun to listen to.


I nominate: the time you discussed the takuma room art "I just love the face, so happy".

Edit: time around 38 minutes


The longest the cast has ever laughed at a single joke :smile:


I'd just like to remind everyone, please include a time-stamp along with your favorite moment so we know where to find it! Thanks!


In podcast #145

From 2:30 - 3:10

Discussion about a 150th special lead to Var yelling at Eljay and then Ex and Var yelling at each other. This was so funny. :smile:

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Here are some of my nominations:
-TTV Plays LEGO Worlds: The Great Chase of Wanda
It's a yeti chasing a cavewoman, what else is there to say?

Starts at 10:40, best part is about 11:20-12:00

-TTV Talks about LEGO Competitors: Ohmygosh! They Actually Brought it Back!
The revelation of Kapow!: Blok Bots Fighting League, priceless reaction.

Runs from 32:20-33:20

-TTV Talks about Airport Security: The Eljay Experience
Probably my favorite moment overall. Eljay's whole story about the pat-down, the radiation rant, the headaches, the "natural selection took an off day," and of course, the "I'm gonna get a video of this...ahahahahahah THATS DISGUSTING!!!"

Starts at 18:00, pretty much anything from then on. I say 18:00-19:20 or 22:00-23:40

-VNOG With Meso ep 18: Meso Gives in to Cheats
Pretty self-explanatory, Meso does the cheats...

Runs from 19:35-20:00

Also, I second the Eljay mask/T-shirt reveal. XP


I can only think of one ATM. The epic Potu vs Exx moc roasting:



You took the words out of my mouth! :smile:

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My Favourite Moment?

Timestamp: 29:41-30:00

box of useless junk rant courtesy of @IllustriousVar

@IllustriousVar's laugh though

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Hello FreakOfThePit! Please give this topic a read!

IKR, that was the hardest I ever heard him laugh, even when Meso continued on with Kahi's crackpot theory, I could hear him struggling to keep quiet in the background (I bet he muted his mic so he could let it all out). :smile:

That moment nearly had me in tears too when I first heard it

I have a couple of moments. Let me know if the time-stamps don't work. I will fix them asap. But they should work.

From Podcast Episode 130 "I'm Sort of Greg"

The intros of the podcast members followed by Var's singing.
STOP SINGING! up until 4:01

I think it is hilarious when the singing starts. honorable mention goes to the off topic conversation about peanut butter and the supper bowl.

From Podcast episode 159 "Box of useless junk"

STUPID CAR! When Viper ruined Var's "Meso is hearing things" joke.
STUPID CAR Up until 25:23. So much yes.

throwing a bus: When Meso threw ElJay and Viper under the bus and said he was going to "date the video"
Commence the bus throwing up until 26:00

Var's rage: The moment when Var Exploded on ELJay
WE'RE TRYING TO DO A SHOW! up until 30:30

If I had to pick a single moment, it would be STOP SINGING from I'm Sort of Greg.

--Ignore this next part. I tried to strike it out, but the freaking website is not cooperating with me.--
AND DANG IT! I completely forgot about the MNOG playthrough:

From MNOG with Meso - 013 - (Telescope/Ko-Koro) :

The start of the video up until 4:04. The entire intro to this episode and the origins cutscene. Simply amazing.

Oops, forgot this was a 2014 moment. My bad. :sweat_smile:

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When Eljay was fired

I couldn't stop laughing, even though I knew it was a joke

It was helped even more by all the Pro-Eljay fans who were against it


For no particular reason

Because hoo boy the fan reaction to that was amazing


it was perfection


I bet that goes for the number one moment :smile:

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People have already contributed the April Fools gag ,but I'd like to post something different: What is in my opinion the strangest thing ever to come out of Eljay's mouth.

It technically starts at 30:59, the argument starts at 32:24, 33:20, or 36:24, (depending on what you would call the beginning,) however the "theological discussion" begins at 41:08

This is quintessential Eljay right here. Right next to hating red and blue pins, '06, and ponies.