Top 10 TTV Channel Moments of 2019 - Chosen by You!

Alright, third day of the year… should be plenty of time!

As with last year, this topic will be open for the entirety of 2019. This will allow all of you to submit your favorite moments from the channel throughout the year. Nothing too different from last time.

In order to submit, post the video the moment was in along with the time frame it happens in.

###Unless we have that time frame, and unless you post the video in the topic, we won’t consider it for the list. Do keep in mind there are some exceptions, especially if the video is shorter.

As far as what qualifies a video for submission, it is any video released on either The TTV Channel or The TTV Nerfed Channel that was made public in 2019. That means that even if the content within it was created prior, so long as it was published in 2019 it will be considered for this year.

After everything is said and done, we’ll take 10 to 11 of those and open up a poll after the end of the year. From there, you guys vote on what order everything goes in!

The submission end date is December 31st, 11:59 PM PST.

Happy posting, and thanks for the help everyone!


The New Face of Constraction: [Skeleton-Man!] ( from the TTV Q&A Livestream | Feb 2nd, 2019.
57:18 - 58:47

Additional Entry:
Meso’s Reaction to The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (SPOILERS)
21:39 - 22:06


19:00-20:50 and roughly 23:10-24:30 RoboHaley.


1:19:25 to 1:21:46

incomprehensible sounds explaining why this is a top ten moment


In addition to the incomprehensible sounds, I would like to add this moment where Invi screws Meso 8:25-10:00 ish


So because no one has submitted anything from the Danganronpa Let’s Play or TTV Nerfed yet, I see it as my duty to post some of these amazing moments, so I finally tok the time to look up the time frames. Here are some of my favourites:

Of cause all of these have a lot of Spoilers for the Game! Oh and there is swearing and mature language in these.

Eljay totally panicing for his character and no one really getting why: (2:59:56-3:04:12)

Eljay saying he hopes saying one thing should better not happen, guess what happens…


Nagito totally destroing Mesos predictions, and the moment Meso realizes is pure Gold



Anytime from 9:56-11:00 (a few instances of swearing though). I may get back to this later with more. Eljay’s screams throughout are great.

edit:About 32:21-32:51.


Bonk is a blessed game.

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19:00ish to 20:26

Weight, what did you say?

Get it?

Get it?

Get it??



Two moments.
1:20:55 - 1:23:17

And the second one is BIOCRAFT. Now I would put the entire movie, but obviously, no-can-do, so let’s stick to the intro, maybe?
0:00:00 - 0:01:30:


Holla y’all: I’ve got a bunch of moments I’ve been procrastinating posting for a number of months, so here you go:
– Edit note on Dec. 31st: I have no idea why only one of the URLs spawns an embedded video. I assure you that the links to YouTube work - unless the changes for COPPA alter that. –

I definitely agree with [quote=“Wolk, post:12, topic:47903”]
BIOCRAFT. Now I would put the entire movie, but obviously, no-can-do, so let’s stick to the intro, maybe?
0:00:00 - 0:01:30:
BioCraft: Chronicles surely ought to make the list in some capacity. Perhaps the film itself and the April Fools’-meta surrounding it could fill two separate spots on the list. Or perhaps the false start and the real intro could be spliced together as they were for the original premiere.

  • [Hayley and Var in Georgia] ( from Stove Cheese Sandwhich | TTV Podcast #335. (33:25 - 39:00)
    Due to some unfortunate phrasing, a recap of Hayley and Var’s impromptu meetup devolves into a very eyebrow-raising conversation.
    “There are a lot of things that happened … that you don’t want to know about”.

  • [Chibimi Digivolves] ( from We Play DANGANRONPA 2! 017.
    (1:37:00 - 1:39:06)
    Here’s another moment from the TTV Nerfed! Let’s Play of Danganronpa 2. This moment itself is not a spoiler for the game’s plot (although Eljay and Meso’s reactions are so intense one might assume otherwise), but the thumbnail features a signifcant spoiler, so I’ve only included the video link. Like most clips from the Nerfed! Dangan Let’s Plays, it contains swearing and other such mature language.

  • [TTV Reads Facebook Messages] ( from TTV Nerfed: SPONSORED BY WATER | TTV Podcast #313 (26:42 - 31:58).

  • Medium Johnny from almost any video released in mid-October, but first appearing at the start of BIONICLE LEGO Ideas and Rebuild the World | BrickFeed Podcast #116 (0:00 - 0:39).
    Having been a fan back in 2016, this update to the Little Johnny character caught me by surprise. As short as these ads are, if this is selected for the list, it might be fitting to include the other parts of the saga.



partiallybatty’s superchat, and 'nak and 'jay’s subsequent reactions.
54:33 - 56:48 aka “Meso, Edgelord McGee”

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I want to nominate another Biocraft moment:

58:02 - 59:18

This was such a cool moment at the live premiere, so here is the timestamp for the directors commentary, where you can see the chat:

1:01:28 - 1:02:45

Episode 311 “The TTV Powodcast” 21:06 - 47:10

Purple draws Eljay as a furry. Further hilarity ensues, including a melon colored fursona for Meso.

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