Top 10 TTV Channel Moments of 2020 - Chosen by You!

New Year, New Topic!

As with last year, this topic will be open for the entirety of 2020. This will allow all of you to submit your favorite moments from the channel throughout the year. Nothing too different from last time.

In order to submit, post the video the moment was in along with the time frame it happens in.

Unless we have that time frame, and unless you post the video in the topic, we won’t consider it for the list. Do keep in mind there are some exceptions, especially if the video is shorter.

As far as what qualifies a video for submission, it is any video released on either The TTV Channel or The TTV Nerfed Channel that was made public in 2020. That means that even if the content within it was created prior, so long as it was published in 2020 it will be considered for this year.

After everything is said and done, we’ll take 10 to 11 of those and open up a poll after the end of the year. From there, you guys vote on what order everything goes in!

The submission end date is December 31st, 11:59 PM PST.

Happy posting, and thanks for the help everyone!

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1:10:27-1:12:25 Han Kaita.

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