Top 50 (or 100) albums

Quite simple, really. There’s this website, that allows you to make a list of your top 50 or 100 albums.

I made my top 50, but realized I left out a ton of albums I love, and then just made another top 50 and put them together.

It’s kind of difficult to make these. Not only does it take quite a while to add all the images and think of 50 or 100 albums that are your “favorites”, but there’s also the fact that people discover music constantly, and the list you make now could be completely different than one you could make a few years from now.
But still, I’d be interested to see some of your guys’ lists if anyone’s willing to put in the time to make one.

Here’s my top 100:

You have tons of prog rock on here but no Pink Floyd?
EDIT: Nevermind I found Meddle. Meddle’s your favorite Pink Floyd album?!

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It’s my second favorite. Wish You Were Here is my favorite, and it’s there, directly to the right of Meddle.
The site is fairly nifty for compiling your current favourites to have a giggle at five years later.


i did it

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I see some great stuff in there; Mars Volta, Gorillaz, Yes, Soundgarden, and the most interesting one to me, early Coldplay. I loved Coldplay’s first four albums, and I grew up with their music but everything from Mylo Xyloto onwards I’m not really a fan of.

this looks interesting
so I done my own one

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Nice to see Fly From Here, The Ladder, and Atom Heart Mother getting some love. Those albums are so underrated.

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