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The wild guardian of Bo-Rela. Built by the Great Beings, similar to Umbra, with the task of defending a power node which lay beneath the jungles, unbeknownst to its inhabitants. Toriaze possesses a mysterious kinetic power which imbues his physical attacks with ridiculous force and speed, the activation of which is signified by a glow deep within the core of his body.

First time in a long time I've built a figure in lime, and first time I've ever integrated a Lego light brick into a MOC's torso. I personally am satisfied with the result.

Also check out Dezek and Rufu.


Really digging the big lime shoulder pads and the system-heavy head in general.

Fantastic work as always.

Very nice. Like the color scheme.

Thanks guys!

This, is so cool
I cannot comprehend how awesome it is, this is beyond awesome
Its terrigood, I will probs say more on it, but I am too lazy to type anymore

Well, uh, thanks. Hopefully you can find some sort of comprehension eventually. stuck_out_tongue

Its not that..Im just too lazy to type an entire paragraph about it
still is awesome tho

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As I said on Flickr @Chro , this MOC is your usual top-tier work. The dark grey upper arms aren't working for me though. Is there any particular reason why you chose that color?

What this guy said. Daaaaaaaaang @Chro
I'm loving the use of Breeze's armour. Wish I had the parts or the skills needed to make something like this stuck_out_tongue

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Thank you! It's more in the skill than the resources - I don't actually have a lot of parts, but I make the most of them. I'm sure you're a competent MOCist, haha.

I honestly don't understand why people aren't getting it. :confounded: There's plenty of dark grey on the feet and head, right? I wanted to have a few distinct grey areas, without an overload of black and lime. Maybe think of it like an area of exposed underarmor?


I'm starting to see what you were getting at. I just find it odd that the upper-arms are solid masses of grey while the rest of the limbs are black (call it Hero Factory 2.0/3.0 syndrome :stuck_out_tongue: ).

However, can keep it the way you want. It's your MOC after all. :smile:

The arms aren't solid masses of grey, though. Just the upper arms. stuck_out_tongue

I guess so. Trying to avoid repetition can have some unintentional consequences...

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It can indeed. But I assure you, the grey blocking here is entirely deliberate.

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Yet another amazing Chro MoC. I love the system head.

Nice, also, love what you did with the Midak Skyblaster and Pohatu's Kicks. Just tried it and it's awesome.

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Midak Skyblaster? Where?


Thanks, but that's an entirely different MOC.


I know, that's why I said 'also'