Torix the restless V2

A while back I sat down and remade torix because I grew tired of his clunkiness and how he was hard to pose. I don’t really want to right out the story again, if you’re really curious just check out the original post.

Here is. V2

Without cape. I kinda like both what are your guys opinions

He’s a bit of a skinny boy

He has a pet parrot now. Because why not. It doesn’t have a name so go ahead and leave one. I’ll name it after the reply with the most likes

“I could do this all day”

Like I said I made this a while ago and I’ve remade him since. V3 probably solved all the complaints you might have and I’ll post him later. For now I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on him.

I wish a happy day or night upon you.


I really like the shaping of the chest.


Very nice moc, I really like this for some reason.
Name the parrot Cedric.


I really like this Moc, it has a very nice steampunk style and a very consistent aesthetic. The abdomen area looks very complex and it really works with the rest of the figure other than the arms. The arms have a much smoother aesthetic due to the CCBS shells used and I think if they were either custom or had some different armour they’d work better.
Other than that, the only thing I’ll comment on is:How did you get the eye piece on?
Oh and also name the parrot Pumpdeg llwyd. (It’s Welsh for go Google translate it. ;)) [/Spoiler] Thats not the translation, I’m telling you to go translate it[Spoiler]

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Hey thanks a ton man. I’m considering remaking the arms to fit the aesthetic next model.

That name is pretty funny I might use it for the post I’m making about him

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I like this MOC. NIce color pallette and a creative build. The cloth cape is a great addition as well.

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