Torma's masks

This topic is where im going to post the masks i make.
First one so far is the octopus umarak, something which i will revisit later since i sortof rushed this one.

edit forgot to add the source material.


This looks so nice


Unsure what you made the mask out of but it works for a fairly organic looking mask.

Only main suggestion is that the spikey pieces used for the tentacles be pointed downwards to mirror the art on the top right. Though the pieces themselves suffer from just being ‘c’ shaped which can limit it, so you may even be best just using tentacle pieces.

In particular, order a couple of these from Bricklink and cut off the end of the tenacle. Attach that and you’ll have pretty much got what they were going for with the tentacles.

  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. We got royally gipped.

  2. While this is very nice, it kinda looks like a pig. Especially in the first picture.

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@Asriel thank you!

@Scarilian i use clay to make my masks, also ill keep kalmah’s tentacles in mind when i make version 2.

@MaximusPrime i see, thatll be another thing to fix for version 2.


yeah it looks pretty great

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Thank you!

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(Hoping this doesnt count as double posting)
Before i messed up alot

After i messed up alot

The silver eyed decade
And now reference photo


Its fine if you’re making a major update in your own topic.

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Ooh, thats good to know.

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Any updates on Umarak’s mask?

Sadly i have only made one mask since the last. And i have not updated umaraks mask as of yet.