Torrus and Prof. Amd

Some of you who play The Experiment roleplay may know this man/men. As for everybody else this is Torrus/ Prof. Amd.

His kind are born into the world with two soul one evil and one good. Torrus is the good soul and is willing to use super intellect to help others.

As for Amd is the evil soul who uses their body more and makes Torrus soul stuck in the deepest, darkest place in the body they own. Unlike Torrus using his intelligence to help others, as Amd uses his intelligence for his own good experimenting on innocent people, creatures, plants, and planets (yes planets).

Amd has had great success with his experiments and even played “god” (Amd does not believe in God or gods or goddess) and his own little universe.


I like the design of Amd’a crossbow.


Theese two would looks really good next to each other

Here’s the thing I took the pictures of both at different times and along time plus I only got 1 General grievous chest plate.