Torso and waist (sorta)

This is just something I threw together last night, attempting something I have never given my MOCs: waist articulation.

It's nothing fancy, but I'd like some suggestions on how improve it.

And just a look at the entire MOC that's really bad compared to the others I've built.

I was actually trying to build a female MOC (something I've never done before), so if anyone has some suggestions on that it would be much appreciated.


If you want it to be a female, I suggest using a Hordika torso. It's much thinner, but requires much more experience to build with.

The Vahki waist looks pretty... empty like that. Cover it up some more and you've got something that works.

Word of advice, use CCBS sockets for waist joints, they can hold up more weight.

great rau and kaukau are great on female mocs, i was thinking on building one soon, right after i finish toa eljay moc. after that i will do mesonak moc, and then viper moc. if i have enough good pieces after that, i will make the others. (i already have a design plan for mesonak and viper)

erm... "great" only because they're 2 of about 4 masks that look female AND came in female sets. And I really just hate the use of the Rau, it implies a sense of helplessness and necessity on male members of the team, something that I don't like to see very often in female characters.

Some other masks that could work include the Kakama, the Hau, the Pehkui/Kiril, and Solek's mask. Most masks can be made to look female, although they sometimes need "other elements" to get the femininity across.

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i never said the masks had to be used on the face. they serve other purposes too

I don't think that worrying about masks to make it look female is a good idea, because masks are trans-gender.

I don't have HF pieces so I've always been a bit limited on what I can do with my mocs, however I shared a moc on this site called meku, and if you need advice on hip joints or a FeMOC, here's some pics:

also, one thing to keep in mind is don't be afraid to add a little bulk to any part of the body, I see a lot of FeMOCs with toothpick limbs and they rarely look good finding a mask can be difficult and if you get stuck, try using a hairpiece


I have no problem with bulked-up feminine MOCs stuck_out_tongue

Thanks for the pics. Visuals always help.