Torso Build Tutorial

What you’re building


Built up components




Main construction

Position the pin whole on the tip of the slizer foot over the axel whole of the foot piece.

Then slide the nuva shoulder through the pin whole and into the axel whole.

Then slide the axels all the way into the slize foot.

Cap of the other side with the other nuva shoulder and slizer foot.

Cap of both ends of the axel with ball joints.

put the slizer foot and ball joint into the axel whole on the bottom.



Wouldn’t this go to the “How To” Topic?

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@Studentscissors It’s pinned to “LEGO Creations”. :wink:

I’m pretty sure you’re allowed to post tutorials out side of that topic.

There is literally a How To topic for this stuff…

Nice build though.


nice tutoiral

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@PekekoaOfJungle The build is pretty good.


I just wish I could see the photos… Internet protection is both a blessing and a curse

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What would be a good substitute for the Protector foot?

You could use a basic hand connector.
You’d just have to build it up so it didn’t flop.

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Do you mind if I copy the design? I’ll give credit.

If I didn’t want people using the design why show how to build it :stuck_out_tongue:

Just do that.

This looks really cool. Thanks for the tutorial!

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Wow this is a really good tutorial!

I’ll definitely probably almost never do this because I’m basically out of pieces. :tired_face:

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