Torso Designs for new WIP

Hello! My MOCblock has ceased, and I have started work on a new MOC. I don’t know what his name will be, I don’t know what his story will be, all I have built are his arms and head.

I’m never any good with torsos, so I’d like some design ideas. It would be preferred if the color scheme of orange, black, gunmetal, and silver were kept consistent.

For anyone asking about the mask, I bought it at


Looks pretty good so far. The mask has a very interesting look (Did you mold that yourself?)

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Sorry, I accidentally posted this before it was finished. Please read the whole post :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have many ideas, but you could maybe use orange Turaga masks.
Maybe you can use tank treads?

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Sweet mask. Already 10/10 for the Exo-Force Uplink shoulder.


pretty neat so far

This is looking like it’s going to be really cool. I suggest the torso should have like, a blocky chest or something.

I’d suggest going with a full custom torso using the same orange armor piece used on the arm as a center piece and maybe some black Metru torso pieces behind it or as shoulder fixtures? Pretty good work so far

I mean, for all I can see it looks pretty nice