Torso W.I.P

Okay, so before you all yell at me and scream “Raptor! why would you do this!? the other torso was sooo good!” I want you to know a few things.

1: I am trying to make myself a better MOCist, so re-hashing the same design is not going to work, I need to get other ideas.

2: I want to make the MOC bigger, more posible, and more sturdy.

3: I want to try better titans.

4: I want to make my SelfMOC more like well…me.

5: I saw Ketros new version of his SM and it made me think “RT kinda sucks right now”.

6: I have been wanting to MOC for DAAAYYYYSSSS…


Now, this is were YOU come in, tell me what you think needs fixing. and please give me ideas for limbs, I am saving money for a BrickLink order and I want to know what I need to get.



It looks too long and awkward

Okay. noted, but can you say what you see wrong with it?

That’s it. It’s too long and skinny.
the upper part isn’t that bad thought.

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Okay…I will try to fix that…

i think it could use more depth front to back

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Agreed. this is a EARLY prototype.

and i forgot to mention the bohrok eyes
maybe turn them around so the slope is on the outside

Well…that murders the movement.

The bottom half is to long,is there a smaller piece you can use for that? Because if so I’d use that.

Well…he is going to be BIG…so yea…

Then I’d suggest to bulk up that lower torso/hip region as it looks to thin if that’s the desired length, that upper torso looks solid though.

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Will try! He may be due to change after I place a Bricklink order.

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…Do not EVER use premade HUGE parts.

Those limit creativity and stuff.

Also, since your character is humanoid, download an Anatomy Sheet

Thats about that



This whole design is gone now.

Ok, Raptor. This torso was cool, and could still be cool. Try using these designs:

Simply put, they both have creative torso connections and builds. Pirean as a Matoran connects his shoulders together via lightsaber rods and technic pins, and Toa Pirean has a body consisting of 2 Mata feet. Throw in some technic, too.


Alright, RT. I have a suggestion, and you’re probably not gonna like it.

But ditch the CCBS. So far most of what I’ve seen of RT is just a beefed up CCBS build, and while that can look good (@legomaster1378’s Self-MOC), it doesn’t seem very impressive to me, at least in RT’s case.

Second, a point I cannot make seem important enough. BIG ALMOST NEVER EQUALS GOOD. Entropy has similar proportions to what the torso would have given, with the very slim and kinda long torso, and he stands no more than eight inches tall and takes up about 250 pieces.

So please, do NOT push this guy to be large. Last time I tried that I got a crappy waist design nobody liked, and the last MOC I made before changing my style over to what I use today was practically made of bricks it was so blocky.

If you need help with lower legs, I’d be glad to help.


Thanks for the shout out man! :smiley:

@RaptorTalon, I kinda disagree with what @Ekorak said. This doesn’t look like a “beefed up hero build” to me. It seems pretty unique, though needing work. I think you can use CCBS very effectively here, just make sure the parts from different systems don’t clash as far as their motifs go.

More MOCers (myself included) definitely need to do this.

I’ve met many AFOLs and TFOLs who see things the opposite way. They’ll go out of their way to use large pre-moulded parts in new and interesting configurations. If you can pull it off right, it can look fantastic.

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Hit me.

Oh…I am planning on using more technic and making him into his own thing.

I want him bigger, so I will try to…it may take a while but I will try as hard as I can to prove you wrong.

Noted, I may be a brick-head, but I am going to try it out.


I will be doing my own…but I might use them on other MOCs…so thanks.

Thanks, and I am going to mix systems until it works…


Thanks all!

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IMO, LEGO itself is one ginormous system. It just has several sub-systems that interact with each other in different ways. I think us fans (this community especially) tend to forget that and try to segregate everything. We need to be open-minded and embrace all the MOCing possibilities, no matter how bizarre or new they may be.