Tournament of Elements Representation

I am collecting weapon representations of each season of ninjago (like the serpentine staffs, or the yang blade for the Day of the Departed). But when it comes to the Tournament of Elements there are the jade blades which were the collectables of the season (I believe), however the Staff of Elements was a much more important/focal point of the season.

So that brings my question: which would be a better representation of the Tournament of Elements? A jade blade (singular, with no build to make it a mre unique weapon) or the Staff of Elements?


it’s been a long time since i watched ninjago, and all i can remember from that season is the jade blades. i’d say go with them.

lol do both
but jade blades were collectibles in sets, so maybe go with them?

If possible, I’d probably try to get both, since the Jade Blade was frequently featured in the promotional art, but, as you said, the Staff of Elements was more important to the season.

As such, I personally believe that both equally represent the season, so it seems hard to choose one over the other.

Also, I just so happen to own both…

I say go with Jade Blade

Jade blades; it’s really the only collectible we remember of the season.

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But Chen’s staff was the “foundation element” from Ninjago in Lego Dimensions…

I thought we were only talking about the season itself?

Which Lego Dimensions drew from.

I am collecting representations of each season (as stated originally) not the lego dimensions story.