Toxzon Drawing

in b4 who’s toxzon and this looks like Xevins

So here’s something that took a long time to make. I think I can say is that this is one of the best drawings I have ever made.

The only thing I don’t like too much about him are his claws, as they could be so much better. but other than that this is pretty cool.


As one of the few boards members who probably knows who Toxzon is, I like it XD


I saw this on DA, and my opinion still hasn’t changed.

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Wrong colors

I use different weapons

My left shoulder is much bigger

There should be more corpses of my enemies.

totally not me

That was nitpicky

Pretty cool drawing


what the fudge-brownies is a toxzon

This is good art tho

I would like to echo both these sentiments whole heartedly…

I remember watching the show a while back. Whatever happened to that? Anyway, great drawing!

I used to watch Max Steel… a long long time ago…

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