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(warning might contain rude words I tried my best to get rid of all of them well all I could find were two)

0:00all all welcome tumor marker all-girl
0:04now hard year miss on guys
0:08Connie remember not going to do it partygoers months ago
0:13don't you're no not now lies at all up a long hard c**k sl** think
0:17I Marty allied
0:21United comments down and
0:24shout out to you dog alright so
0:28we are here let's let's clarify who is we
0:32I am a snack I am murder and
0:35I'm cocky I'm Burnham
0:39we're talking about something very interesting which has been in the
0:43developmental stages for quite a long time
0:46we announced it all the way back on the New Years special
0:512014 and now 9 cokie totally
0:54I'd totally said all night long he'll be out the next week or so
0:58I I did I said next month
1:01yeah I'll be considered you literally said
1:04ill be out in the next week or so maybe even sooner than that yes you did
1:089 awesome we had the old skin right so
1:12we see in the development it's been in the Belmont for a while it was nearly
1:16quote include complete for a while there
1:19and then down back when we made that announcement yet here we had it like we
1:23thought we had it done
1:24and aged in work you have trees at Baruch this dis-
1:29it was the whole theme Michael we got a theme for our website
1:33a just didn't work in which we did we did everything in it wasn't working so
1:37escaped out a bag the announcement we have to make today
1:40TG podcast website TD podcast dot com has launched
1:46and analysts citing work have some exciting prospect talk about another
1:51hand over the bar in Chi you have been the main driving force
1:55behind this website development so
1:58feel free to elaborate on things are I like a
2:01s first official probably mention like what the site actually is it is a news
2:06blog website so
2:08a basically the idea is that we're going to be posting a Lego news be that
2:13League updates by Nichole 15 staff
2:17or just general like a stock is like recently I am later became
2:20the world's largest why many factors not gone that stuff like that we'd
2:24we're gonna keep people updated on but also be acting as a blog for the TT
2:29podcasts on
2:30as a whole so we will place we'll post blog articles and things like that
2:35behind-the-scenes star and
2:38we're also planning on adding some other stuff like reviews
2:42to accompany all these recap reviews which will be written
2:45informant far more in depth with pictures and everything arm
2:50pretty pictures pretty pictures it shiny and new
2:54and we also have spotlights that will have as well we will
2:58post arm articles about some in the creative content that is
3:03been posted on our forums which
3:06has been intertwined in this website so now
3:09t2b podcast are common border TV podcast dot com are all one web sites
3:14rack all one thing here so our forms are to be integrated with this website
3:19and you'll notice that on each article we have a system that will automatically
3:23create a new topic on our forms every time we post article
3:26and Evelyn bennett's of into the article on act as a pseudo comments
3:30system rightly only thread itself is our common system
3:35is not me I coverage for you know you have a separate account
3:38for the comments and separate account for boards it's all one unified account
3:42and you
3:43your closed on the topic reflects in the comments so basically you're
3:47new if you go to that topic itself you post the topic it were a fudge this up in
3:52that pic
3:53the comments I guess that be basically two-thirds the bed
3:56but you can call the comments by if you so wish it is basically comments box
4:00right arm we also have the board spotlight
4:04and the message board status spotlights will be highlighting
4:07on several different topics that are popular on the message boards
4:11up this week we'll most likely discuss the is on the podcast south and the
4:16status will tell you if the message boards are currently online or down
4:20are are your are down for upgrades or anything
4:23that also includes a link to the digital ocean status menu which will show you
4:28what repairs are being done
4:30currently on our hosting provider so if the forms are down it's likely there's a
4:35reason for that and you can check
4:37that and find out what's up
4:41right now as far as the website goes
4:44we do have a player for every single TV episode out there not all our episodes
4:49up just yet we have made it up to episode seven day we are still uploading
4:53arm but once that is ready the fee will continuously update whenever
4:58we release a new episode up TT at the TTP podcast
5:01and what this means is it will appear on our website
5:05probably several hours report appears on our channel because it will be
5:10the lossless m4a format just straight up audio
5:14so there will be an accompanying video on the video will usually take a bit
5:18upward YouTube
5:19so if you want to hear the podcast as soon as we're finished recording
5:24it'll be right there on our website on the stitcher app you can also find some
5:29we're starting as well all using the same RSS feed
5:33and it should be done in the coming week or so probably sooner
5:37not sure little wary making that promise because every time we make that promise
5:41ox a yeah but yes
5:44I'll you ever since seventy me like 30 episodes to catch up it's not that bad
5:47stuff should be out soon
5:49arm but once it is updated like I said it will update
5:53as soon as we're finished recording and uploading it sell
5:56you will get that right away rather than waiting for to appear in you too
6:00certain trying to iTunes and stitcher is a good idea stitcher as said an episode
6:05102 so believes teacher is available for on
6:09Android NIOS iTunes obviously NIOS
6:13and we are looking into getting some kind of
6:17presents on ARM the Windows Phone by
6:21currently it's a little bit more confusing in como did a process that's
6:25not yet but
6:26we're looking into it right as you marketplace kinda stopped accepting
6:30podcasts ideally
6:32so it's always interesting that
6:36what happened was soon became obsolete and Microsoft decided to cancel the
6:39marketplace and instead
6:40on it's now x-box marketplace or whatever
6:45so now you have to yet like email the RSS feed to whoever's in charge is no
6:49like I made its system which is really weird considering
6:52Microsoft you think that have that but nope
6:56but yes so exciting things The website news videos and currently training
7:00videos are posted obviously
7:02and on there's other pages to really get to learn a bit more belts
7:06our history and some nice BIOS appear on the podcast
7:11so that's cool ima right now separate to kuma
7:16also we would like to mention that we are now pushing our social media outlet
7:19as well
7:21reso you might have noticed that we have a Facebook page in
7:25we had won't know within a time workers is invisible but
7:29on Facebook page that while we had it
7:33we'd never really posted on it well that's gonna be changing soon
7:37so what we're gonna be doing now is actually posting on our Twitter and/or
7:41Facebook inner Google+ and all that we're gonna be a
7:44updating all that the stream services so it's easier to get our content
7:48to everyone out there right yeah even though Facebook's and the dying but
7:53we're just gonna ignore
7:54but I mean me when on the page
7:57are barmaid mean I'm in the page just today
8:00and i won on and four years ago
8:04to the day before we watched the website yesterday
8:07which was up September for
8:11dimmer 4 2010 we made a post to Facebook saying
8:14website will be up shortly are you up to the operatic
8:18really really weird honors lol yeah I know
8:22see the absent completely I know by St just kinda came out with
8:26but yeah that sub that's where we'll be
8:30he'll keep you guys ups I know I did you have different social
8:33media sites that you taking finna others I night a lot of people
8:37use Facebook and not to an airline did you use Twitter user to Facebook it's
8:41all about the police Google+
8:43have grossed me out a lot of people use you last
8:46nice your YouTube Google+ not on Billy's Google+ but it also is arc
8:51attach to your YouTube BB right yeah its it's easy to keep up with this that
8:55because it will come out
8:57automatically and I believe we have never
9:00Flickr page to points words extra-base yeah points extra burst Flickr page
9:04so right now but yes some awesome stuff we should go check em out
9:08as yeah ever as far as our Flickr presence goes I think extra Berken
9:14do that cuz we don't really take pictures and extra per does that his
9:18things like
9:18feel like that as far as that goes it'll mostly be just extra per
9:22but but if we ever decide to get the picture one that will you know
9:25change obviously no quite right and I'll
9:28like forces before our blog is actually
9:32our website I guess is timber compatible that means you can follow it and
9:37and you know like all that stuff on somewhere while you're browsing articles
9:41right the website functions that way as well so not only is it
9:44and a website but it it also has some wear compatibility so you can reblog all
9:49our articles
9:50you can like our articles and you can subscribe to us in CS on
9:54on the dashboard so right you could do and we also have a detailed I
9:59needed thing for the timber app to show if you look first
10:02in the time we're happy all have like are like a custom skin that we
10:06know what they're not really acids in we have a custom theme to it
10:09I now what if your gonna just through mobile
10:13if you don't have the time were app are you using it I L Safari or you know
10:17chrome on the Android or whatever
10:21it will still it does I think the website still is functioning its
10:25I we haven't we can we can we haven't really I worked on the CSS coding for
10:29mobile just yet
10:30by a car we do have a mobile version on the Site
10:34it's just not quite finished
10:39they are so we're making ourselves much more discoverable if you wanna share
10:42Daniel related stuff for a Bionicle if you're gonna love you have
10:46Monica fan blogs and blogging you stuff religion by Nicolette
10:50you wanna start spreading information around we made it really easy for you
10:53it's right there on the article if you wanna share
10:55Facebook stuff the money on to it out as the lights are when now
10:58connected more than we ever have been before or not just on YouTube
11:01we have our own destination on the Internet quite right and there's another
11:05piece to that possible as well
11:08which has been live for about a month I'd say
11:11or more but with this
11:14launch the website we're gonna start pushing the forum as well
11:18on Wes Moore yeah as I mentioned earlier that we will
11:23the forms much stronger presence on our content we will be making arm
11:27will will be will be dedicating a bit of time on the podcasts really talking
11:31about reforms
11:32mind really pushing that I going forward I am still not sure if we're gonna have
11:37its mature brunette video series or anything I think we're planning
11:41something similar to that now
11:42yeah yeah n roll sequences at some point you
11:45don't miss reno really give you a tutorial on how to use their boards and
11:49video tutorial
11:50because it is a new software and is kinda different from what you've been
11:54used to be used to going on in the vision board for me know or like I'll
11:58I'm that's the kinda that kinda structure its can you but we like it's a
12:02it's very unfair it's much more about
12:05modern system Margie wifi reform age
12:09it's kinda like a classical chat room meets form design
12:14right its it's very it's very alive she like you there's no pages at all there's
12:19infinite scrolling are you know if we get to the end and somebody makes
12:23update ill automatically update for you don't have to refresh the page
12:27you know that kinda thing it has a you model quoting it mentions and all that
12:31great stuff that I
12:32kinda knew where to the
12:36the form finished infrastructure but
12:39I'm with you my word searches solely her I
12:44they ever yeah I think news will also come out
12:47on our website first and then we'll make a video about
12:50usually that's how it's going to go from now okay at the especially because
12:54with the videos it does take time to actually get up on the channel on upload
12:57and you know
12:58produce everything and the rule of harming discuss it and what not
13:02yeah we always go ripping a pretty in depth so if you really are very invested
13:06in getting the first
13:07like news right away I would pay attention to our website a bit more
13:11because that will certainly beginning
13:13things out faster than our channel will
13:16the you're never news aggregator it's also you know we realize that is not
13:19always conveniences site
13:21a YouTube video as your source so we made it %um very conveniently
13:25available on our website see right here now clinically
13:29or snack there's an article that link back to rather than a video
13:32star and with no as as in our your videos will give you the links not
13:36necessary source that you need
13:38in the you know and I get a world but now we have a place to go to
13:41is just our YouTube channel yeah he like its source this first of may be
13:45consolidated in the articles that always put one link to the article in the
13:49description videos
13:51rest exactly yeah that a clean up our descriptions a bit more to go
13:56right to you can go there if you wanna see you on the launch everything
13:59and watch the video here discussion about it
14:03quite right is very exciting very
14:07where or brand yeah he's a territory we put all odd time in the making
14:11that's you have no you wonder why there has been a lot of content
14:15recently this is why because we've been working hard
14:19day and night now a the I've been toiling at it
14:23bars and a lot other the heavy leichtberg sahoury
14:26heavy lifting and the like I
14:29it's late and yeah
14:32by a a is technically there's still a few things that need to be worked on
14:35arm so we are still in
14:39our early stages here so we're just watching it now but
14:42don't be surprised if a few changes and tweaks are made here in the coming weeks
14:45or so
14:46arm but yeah right now this is what the website looks like
14:51welcome to its official unveiling in
14:54we've got some very exciting news to reveal on it soon
14:58so miss Wright State shouldn't yesterday Tuesday June
15:02for the elite who quite alright I predict this will usher in a new era
15:07the GTE podcast because now we can start to get involved in the Lego community
15:12and become more
15:14you know more ingrained with it more act not just
15:19not just a random little thing on the corner of the internet
15:23on YouTube yeah yes lately at social media we're going to become very
15:29things there things are looking up we knew 2014 was going to be our year
15:33and it's looking like it is going to turn out a crowd
15:38so yep very exciting stuff
15:41hope your as excited as I am because
15:44man we've been working on this for so on
15:48now I'm so glad to finally have it up mayor
15:51that is about its stay tuned for exciting news because they'll be very
15:55very exciting
15:56yup alger are you excited for the future
15:59stake in it target you shouldn't be if you're not going
16:04her are ike
16:08I then
16:13but we're excited as I
16:16yes thank you all very much for watching this announcement video please feel free
16:23to leave your thoughts below and/or on the TD message go hard
16:28switchboard that'd preferably on the latter for her available at a roping the
16:32YouTube comments to a degree okay yeah action a4e and let's let's talk about
16:37that really really quickly because
16:39message boards are basically be place to go if you want to talk to us guys so
16:44the comments are cool and all on the YouTube channel but
16:48its they can be very hard to moderate they get lost in the shop all
16:52random span in stock and it's likely that we will stop paying attention to it
16:56after about a week at the video's release
16:58so if you really do have something to say and you want to see it the best
17:02place to do it is on the message boards because we can actually moderate that
17:05site and pay attention to it
17:07and to promote discussion any good to talk to a bunch of other fat like-minded
17:11he was really great you know suppose your own stuff you know your own plans
17:15you anything about us stuff like you Aldi's because our magazines on their
17:19dirty to be in a minute podcast is up there
17:21this a lot of awesome things that you guys have done can be tracked in like
17:25one place and will actually get to see them
17:27now because a lot of time now if you tweet something out as urs in this
17:30like a private message then you came we don't always pay attention to that we
17:34are on these forms
17:36basically I when necessary 24/7 because you are not alone in this area 3.1
17:42were there are you here to see whatever artwork
17:45marks any in so they had poster just whatever discussion you honest drawing
17:50Ste I run everyday Sam but on yeah
17:53of some stuff has been post there's a far the I guess just
17:57an example dude crunch by dismayed summer custom
18:00massive white inspired mask I know
18:03not a loser awesome I was a pretty fat ■■■ cued up
18:07the new TV episode yard next most definitely ep
18:11yeah will be addressing that I shut up to crash whenever good mods on the site
18:16yeah we have a nice people big-name the TDP mod squad
18:20that moderator were bright formally announce solve them at some point in
18:25Gamal to do that now not only against
18:28are even look at a comedy spoil it kasich
18:32I and buy a chronicler one week well re not going to get separate video just
18:37saying their name
18:38i gather we'll go I wanted like to get them on a Skype call and make their
18:42formal announcement
18:43even didn't get mark now must have Mike am locked in talks to us
18:48that she's a juror she did speak in like
18:51morse cohort or so I
18:55you can use at all like your Microsoft Sam thing that I used to use
18:58I ira you %uh sure my
19:02was pretty entertaining I was I really how yeah
19:06you guys enjoy what we've done and keep posted
19:10get your gonna have some great stuff coming up there really see
19:13we'll we'll be on the ball as far as news goes
19:17a 24-12 is our year
19:21and in october is our month take
19:27K I'll give you head right involves rahman's
19:31to and it is hope it's all paid article
19:35it involves Rahman the hottest rahman et
19:38just keep that in mind it involves Robin yes
19:42saw thank you very much for watching stay tuned for the exciting stuff which
19:46will deliver very shortly
19:49I message back I murder and I'm time LJ
19:54for no no you're here yeah we're here at the beginning to you weren't even here
20:00you're too special guest this episode anyway special guest
20:04nervous and I'm going on because I have work in the one time I am here I'm
20:08instead focus on me starting I from
20:11still I up okay and then I am
20:15well guys and their college are you really trying their
20:19money its and I've been on each which
20:22men your prior to I'm pinched which
20:26will co-direct time in our group arrives good behind her
20:29what to the new a dirty TV goodbye welcome to the new age
20:34see you all next time you're on GTV rebooted

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