Transcripts of Eljay's Review Skits

I’m honestly curious about where @Eljay got the idea for that one. Was that just what “The BIONICLE Song” sounded like to him (as it does to me, now that I’ve watched his review :stuck_out_tongue: ), or was it a running joke within the community?

Regardless, that’s probably one of my favorite opening skits, since now I can never listen to that song without hearing :musical_note: Oh and Fancy Loin Cloth :musical_note:.


that’s a lot of skits

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my friend

you are a legend

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man I can’t believe how long this must’ve taken

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Yeah…it did take a while. I remember there were some skits where I found it hard to understand what Eljay was saying, so what’s written here represents my best guess. But at least I stuck to it and transcribed every skit.

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Yeah good job :clap:

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Since there have been some reviews from Eljay since I last added to this topic, here are transcripts of the skits from those reviews:

Another Random Review-Creative Mechanics’ Bionicle Merch

Eljay: Oh hey, welcome. You don’t need to worry about the mask, the state lifted the restriction, so you can go ahead and take it off.

[Eljay is shown wearing a Miru-style face mask over his golden Miru]

Rebooted Reviews (even though it was just an April Fool’s joke)


Eljay: Yeah! Whipmas is here! Time to check the Whipmas stocking! [holds up his stocking and starts rooting through it] Gosh, I hope I got something cool! [finds something at the bottom of the stocking] Oh no, oh no! [pulls out a bunch of Cole minifigures] I got a lump of coal!

Eljay’s Reviews

Every Set From Bionicle (2001-2016)

Eljay: [standing before a sunrise] It’s done. Everything has been reviewed. I finally rest and watch the sun rise on an ungrateful universe.

[a phone notification rings; Eljay curiously checks it and finds a text from BIONICLEfan2006 that reads “you forgot nuparu;” in response, Eljay growls and throws the phone up into space, where Levahk-Kal is still floating]

And I imagine there’ll be another skit when Eljay reviews the miniature brick-built Tahu. :wink:


Wait a minute I just realized you didn’t do the skit for the Slizer combo model video

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Huh. I’ll have to get on that.

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