Transformers Animated Role Play Sign-Up

Is there any chance I could sign up?

This is currently RIP IN RAP, so probably npt

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Oh. Thanks anyways.

Name: Spectre

Faction: Autobot

Occupation: Recon, Spying

Age: The equivalent of 18

Personality: Straight out of the chamber, Spectre is an extremely young Starscream clone who joined the Autobot cause. He is very determined to get what he wants, but in turn is very stubborn. If he sees the situation get out of hand, he is quick to know when the day can’t be saved, but until then, he fights the good fight.

Powers/Weapons: Agile, quick on his mind, and has the ability to turn invisible for short periods of time. He has two null rays, being a Starscream clone, and carries two knives.

Weaknesses: He is very much a wise cracker which often leads him to getting into trouble.

Alt-Mode: Military Jet

name: thunder moon

Fraction: Autobot

Occupation: scout/hacker

age: the equivalent of 14

personality: although she sort of like black aracnia and waspinator on a techno organic part
she is cleaver and shy she is considered a maximal from this

powers/weapons:she always carries a handgun and her ability is a howl that allows her to call her comrades

weakness: due to her wolf half she does not like being alone and fears separation

altmode: techno organic wolf

Name: Magneta
Faction: Decepticon turned Autobot
Occupation: Warrior, decepticon princess
Age: Young 22 in human terms
Personality:(She has 2) 1. Self sacrificial, Maternal, Motivating, Punk powerhouse. 2. See weakness.
Powers/Weapons: Telepathy, hypnosis, control of all elements. Can use the elements as weapons. Broadsword (Excalibur type) Rage.
Weaknesses: Daughter of Megatron. Is still loyal to her father .
Personality 2. Goddess of rage. Easily angered,but can be controlled. Will break free from personality 1 and can Separate from body to destroy everything.

Will post description later.

Don’t bother. This rp died before it even began; didn’t you notice how it’s been a year since the last post and it was a year before that?

Yeah, like Khalsa said, this RP unfortunately never got off the ground. If you’re looking for a Transformers themed game to join, though, there are two currently active: Transformers: Salvation (run by myself) and Machine Wars: Escape from Cybertron (run by @Toa_Vladin).

I can’t speak for Vladin, but you’re welcome to submit a character for Salvation, if you want.


Same for me mate.

Confirmed. This thread is old and should be closed.