Transformers Bumblebee(2018) Bumblebee

I originally tried to build this bumblebee design after the first few trailers, however it didn’t go so well. This was my second (completed) attempt, and I am much happier with it.

#The MOC:
Car Mode:


Robot Mode:


That is so cool! I have to ask, what’s your process for making these? How do you figure out the transformations and make them aesthetically pleasing?

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Honestly I don’t really have one set in stone.
Sometimes a transformation design comes first, sometimes a certain building technique serves as inspiration.
With this build the starting point was his chest, which was an old unused transformation concept from my first attempt.
After that its just a matter of slowly adding on section by section, transforming it back and forth to make sure it works.


You really are good at making LEGO Transformers! Good Job!

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How the heck are you so good at making these? I can’t wait to see who’s next. Nice work!


Sees the car

Ooh, what a nice vintage car!

Sees the robo


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Yet again a marvelous work of engineering. Though the poor head and anti-stud shins are gripes for me. But that can easily be chalked up to limitations of the size and medium.

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