Transformers: Cybertron Reborn RP Sign Up and Discussion


Not much story set up for this one. All you need to know is that it takes places on a new Cyberton with four nations. Autobots, Decepticons, Maximals, and Predacons.


Autobots: Live in an autocracy.
Maximals: Very nature oriented.
Decepticons: Militaristic (also not evil)
Predacons: They live in slums. A lot of them are criminals.

Character Profile:



Appearance: (Pictures/drawings aren’t mandatory but recommended)




Don’t break standard board rules (Obviously). You are allowed to add characters after the RP starts, but you have to talk to me about it first. No exceptions.

Update: Neutrals are no longer an option for new people joining, due to them now taking up a third of the character roster.

Update: Can’t believe I have to add this. No lamps. You cannot have a character that is a lamp. Never really thought I would need to say this, but here I am.

Confirmed Players:


Oh hey, this is a thing. Maybe I’ll sign up.


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Name: Graywalker

Faction: If allowed, none

Appearance: (Coyote Mode) A mechanical coyote with parts of synthetic fur on top of its circular shoulders and around the neck, upper chest, upper back, and tail. Main colors are red, silver, and black with light gray fur and accents are turquoise and white.
(Robot Mode) A less-than-three-meter robot with a red helmet and a white star and fur on it. He has fur around his neck and on his shoulders, and he wears a coyote jaw on his red chest and a split coyote head from his back. The tail detaches and reattaches to form a scarf. His sides are silver. His silver upper arms have black armbands and his lower arms and hands are also black with white coyote paws at the elbows. His hips and hip skirt is red with white thighs and black front lower legs and red back lower legs. The hind coyote paws are white and act as his feet.

Weapons: An axe (stored on one of the thighs in coyote mode), a shield (stored on the back), and an energy bow (also stored on the back).

Bio: Graywalker’s spark built him a half-organic body and the special ability of breath that can render the target’s body useless and limp. Other than that, he mostly travels around the world whenever he pleases, especially to look for some nice, fancy, and/or interesting tech to steal and tinker with. As a trickster, he loves throwing security bots through a loop and making sly escapes, chuckling at his pursuers. He is otherwise quiet and isolated, loving a nice nap each day he isn’t being chased around and preferring to stay away from conflict.


Name; steelgear


Alt mode; heavily modified custruction crawler.

Weapons; arm blades, 4 cannons on his robot chest / crawler back, energy stingers, etc. Also has various tools built in.

Bio; used to be a war medic but eventually had enough of fixing other bots and began upgrading his patients with or without permission. Dabbles in experimentation which is how he achieved the modifications on what used to be his custruction crawler alt mode. Now he simply takes any person off the street to test whatever addition he might want for himself or to take whatever they have for his own body.


The bio needs a little tweaking, just so it’ll fit into the story, but we can take care of that when the RP starts. Other than that this is great.

Alright. I was thinking of some changes myself. What changes were you thinking?

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Most prominantly being that this cybertron has yet to experience war. There have been times where some of the factions weren’t getting along the best, but for the most part they’ve been experiencing a sloid 200 thousand years of peace.

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Oh. Then just remove the war backstory part and he would do the rest in preparations for conflict. Like those people preparing for a zombie apocalypse.

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I think that would work.

Finally. I will make bios for my characters too. You already now them, @MaxinePrimal but I change some things at them.
Name: Gronius
Faction: Predacon

Alt mode:

Weapons: After the first rp, Universal Devastation, he used his experience after he built the Iron Slayer to upgrade his regular body armor. He is now a Iron Man, without a suit. Also, he have a Captain America like shield and a ax.

Name: Wildsong (Song)
Faction: Predacon

Alt mode:

Weapons: Diamond spear, diamond bow that creates energy arrows.

Common Bio: After the first rp they were called by the Primes to explain where they were. Arcee, Thunderblast and the dummies were called too. After they told Onyx everything that happened, Gronius was demoted, Arcee became general, Thunderblast was arrested, and Song was free to live on Cybetron, together with the dummies. And my Direwolf was captured on a prison planet.
However, Galvatron attacked Cybetron with a HUGE army. Gronius used his Galvatron Buster suit and led a small team, tegether with Song, Arcee, Thunderblast, a male Ripclaw abd the dummies. The suit was efficient, due to the fact that it was very OP, so Galvatron get killed, and Gronius’ team was honored: the dummies were upgraded with the best tech yet, Arcee remained a general, Thunderblast got rich, Song became the baroness of the biggest country on Cybetron, and Gronius became a Prime Minor. This means that when Onyx Prime will die, if Gronius is still alive, he will became the new Prime. However, there are only 0.1% chances of Gronius becaming a Prime, due to the fact that the Primes are almost immortal.

And also, @MaxinePrimal you don’t have a character? And @Traykar I assume that you will appear with Direwolf too, right?

Remember to give credit to the artists, or, if you don’t remember them, state the works aren’t yours.


I took the images from Internet.

Still probably state those aren’t yours in some way.


Aw, I liked him


Why’d he get rid of evil pervy Direwolf?


Also, @Toa_Vladin Give me credit when you mention your demented reject version of my character.

Name: Hardware
Faction: Autobot
Appearance: To be determined
Weapons: Mnemosurgeon needles, fencing foil.
Bio: Hardware serves as a butler to one of the Autobot higher ups.

Name: Dynamo
Faction: Autobot
Appearance: To be determined
Weapons: Laser gun, Energy sword.
Bio: Dynamo fights for the innocent, regardless of faction.

Name: Fury
Faction: Predacon
Appearance: To be determined
Weapons: Pistol, Club.
Bio: Fury hates you and your guts.


Name: haliaetus

Faction: autobot


(Credit to @Makowa)
Heavy artillery, several tools(hammer, welding torch, etc)
He was one of the earlier born Autobots, his intellect boosted him to the high chancellor’s side as head scientist, working on the top secret Gemini project. He is a firm believer in the Autobots autocracy