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Oh, the monster now is at risk of a lot of amputations given the slash Seraphicon sent it’s way.


Heads up for everyone. I’ll be leaving for a five day family trip tomorrow. We’re staying in a big house out in the woods, and while there will be wifi, there’s still a decent chance my activity will be spotty over the next week.


My activity is and will continue to be a little spotty for a while, because my parents’ anniversary is coming up and I’m helping some other members of the family plan a party for the occasion. I hope y’all are doing well.


New character!


Name: Roadgrind

Homeworld: Cybertron

Appearance: Roadgrind is a bulkier bot, not as lean as Aralysa but not quite as large as Stonefist. Rather than being stocky, he has what the humans would consider an “athletic” build. His armor is black with silver accents and he has bright emerald green eyes. His head usually has two eyes and a mouth, but he deploys a protective visor and mouthplate whenever he goes into battle. Roadgrind also has two head-antenna things similar to what you usually see on Optimus Prime heads. These contain atmospheric and radiation sensors, and also double as audio dampeners (you’ll see why in a bit).

Alt mode: Roadgrind transformers into a black version of this, essentially a black version of 2007-2011 Movie Prime’s truck mode with a bullbar attached. To transform, his arms, which have the rear set of four wheels and the trailer hitch, rotate around and attach together over his head. Roadgrind’s hands also compress and connect with the rest of his arms to form the rear of the truck. His smokestacks and fuel tanks are located on his back in robot mode, and slide and compress forwards while his torso and lower body fold upwards to form most of the cab. Roadgrind’s legs, meanwhile, connect together and compact to form the bullbar, nose, front wheels, and front part of the cab. The air dam, side windows, and around 2/3s of the cab are also located in and on his torso, while the front wheel, windshield, headlights, engine, grille, and bullbar are found in and on his legs. His head moves upwards to hide itself as part of the cab.

Weapons: Missiles. Roadgrind’s preferred weapons are his many
missiles. As an ordnance maniac specialist, he carries around conventional ones, unconventional ones, fireworks, flares, and decoys, but his favorites are the good ol’ explodey rockets which go off with a BANG! and blast the target to shrapnel. His missile launchers are arm-mounted in robot mode and can fold out of the cab doors in vehicle mode. Of course, Roadgrind never carries his massive arsenal with him; that would essentially make him a walking missile silo and a huge target on the battlefield. He makes extensive use of a vast subspace storage pocket and can call forth his explosives whenever the need arises (or just for fun).

Roadgrind can also transform his right hand into a warhammer (akin to Prime Breakdown) for whenever he needs a melee weapon. He isn’t an expert with it, as he vastly prefers his missiles, but it’s a hammer, so what more do you need than “Hit the enemy and then hit them again for good measure.”?

Equipment: Roadgrind carries with him additional audio dampeners in case his primary ones fail, or for other Cybertronians if necessary. He also has a small set of tools for self-repair.

Abilities/Powers: As an ordnance specialist, Roadgrind is true to his craft. He is a veritable expert on bombs, missiles, and other explosives, able to identify many types of them and their various uses.
He is also a moderately skilled pilot, despite his terrestrial alternate mode, capable of flying and maintaining a number of different ships, though he currently doesn’t have one to call his own. That fact doesn’t bother him too much, as piloting ships places second to his obsession love of explosives.

But since missiles are inherently weapons, his real passion comes up most frequently in battle. In a fight, Roadgrind is a master at using his (many) explosives to his and his allies’ advantage. From general distraction to outright destruction, he excels at his job. He’s also fond of using his weapons in unconventional ways, to throw off any enemies with unorthodox tactics. In addition to that, he’s quite swift and handy with his hammer, if the need arises.

Personality: On the surface, Roadgrind is generally a nice, fun-loving guy, if at times boisterous and loud. He also loves to make jokes, and can often be found making a bad pun to lighten the situation. Regarding his job, he’ll gladly talk for hours and hours about the shape, function, history, and basically everything he can think of regarding his explosives. Roadgrind is also reasonably proactive; once he starts a job he’ll see it through to the end. He’s loyal to those he trusts, would never harm an ally intentionally despite the fact that he carries highly harmful equipment. His greatest fear is being alone. Forever. Coupled with the dark truth of accidentally murdering his friends with his own weapons. That, plus his militaristic discipline, is the cause of his carefulness in battle (even if it isn’t outwardly apparent). He’s also moderately capable of working with others.

That was Roadgrind when he isn’t in a fight. Casual Roadgrind. If you ever come across this transformer in a battle, you could hardly tell he’s the same Cybertronian. Once he enters the fray, Roadgrind shoots first and doesn’t look back. He transforms (heh) into a complete and total maniac, blasting and shooting and blasting and shooting at literally any hostile within range (and even some out of range). Roadgrind’s mantra in battle is most definitely quantity over quality, despite the fact that his aim is quite good. He hoots and hollers and shouts and shrieks and makes all manner of noise, clearly enjoying the thrill and adrenaline of a fight. A complete berserker which is in stark contrast to his normally calm and friendly personality. He also isn’t adverse to simply running enemies over in his truck mode, and his hammer means he is certainly no slouch at melee combat (He’d be a fan of whack-a-mole).

This may have the effect of causing his allies to think he’s very much insane, but in reality it’s rather a facade which is designed to throw off foes (Hey, at least it’s effective).

Last thing, he can be super annoying whenever he’s trying to con answers out of someone.

Bio: Born and raised on Cybertron, Roadgrind left his home at an early age to travel to all manner of places. As a result, he’s been all over the galaxy and has many acquaintances on other planets, one of them being Aralysa. He’s worked with various militaries (including Bellator) and other similar organizations over the years, discovering his true passion and becoming the ordnance specialist he is today. Currently, he, Aralysa, and Stonefist are en route to Astrum after being picked up. Apparently they needed someone of his “caliber”, whatever that’s supposed to mean.


Roadgrind is accepted! Welcome back!


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Oh yeah!
I think it’d be fun for Stonefist to be on Eukaris


New Char, finally rejoining now that I have both time an Wherewithal.


Name: Hauler

Homeworld: Hecate

Appearance: Medium-sized, stocky by even cybertronian standard. Shaped like the average tank-bot, but instead of a turret he has a large crane. In addition, he has a Dozer-blade attached to his right arm like a shield, a search light on his right shoulder, and smoke dischargers on either side of his waist.


He transforms into an Atlas recovery tank, capable of hauling nearly 60 tons before needing crane reinforcement, which partially carries over into his bot form. The vehicle mode sports the dozerblade, search light, and smoke dischargers of his bot form.

Weapons: Same weapon in both modes, mounter either in his hand or in the front hull, a singular Heavy Bolter, a sort of rocket-propelled grande launcher. Think like the Gyrojet pistol but instead of bullets it fires .75cal grenades instead.

Equipment: None, other than the afore-mentioned search light, smoke dischargers and dozer-blade/shield. A emblem on a chain indicating he is a trained mechanical professional.

Abilities/powers: Significantly higher strength than his typical counterparts. On the scale of a gorilla compared to a fit human, while still having the precision to work on delicate mechanics and electronic components. Intimate knowledge of typical cybertronian mechanics, less so of the more metaphysical aspects. The kind of guy that knows how to actually make a T-cog.

Bio: A 30-year old equivalent mechanical engineer, Hauler was born and raised on Hecate, constructed cold like many there. From a young age he was fascinated by the process, and as he aged found himself more and more enthralled. He managed to land himself an apprenticeship in Pescus Hex’s facilities, and eventually came to the rank of master. He specializes in body construction, and has assisted in the construction of 47 individuals and personally constructed 4. He was recently sent to cybertron proper to begin the establishment of a Pescus Hex outpost there, and is currently attempting to aquire the materials to do so.

He is an especially spiritual man, as many on Hecate tend to be, and tries to find a value in any life, as he understands the labor of love life creation is. While he has no qualms about self defense, he would go out of his way to not be the one firing the gun. While he isn’t especially empathic, he has his morals and holds to them even under duress.


A joke so nice I used it twice.

Glad to see ya Prof! It’ll be nice to have you back in the game.

If you were worried about Unicron Apocalypse at all, don’t be. It’s sorta… dead. However, I have another project in the works that I’m super excited about. I’m not gonna get into it too much cause I don’t want to advertise in someone else’s rp thread, but I’m just gonna say I think it’ll be something :sparkles: magical :sparkles:


Hauler is accepted! Welcome back!


A larger sketch of Razor with helmet retracted:


Nice! This is pretty similar to how I’ve been picturing her, coincidentally enough.


I’m glad the image and description are so similar!


A quick sketch of Erinyix’s robot mode. Two dragon heads fold over her shoulders and onto her chestplate, while the third forms a blaster weapon on her right arm. The dragon tail flips up onto her back to reinforce her spine (my cheap excuse for not drawing it).


Hey, I never thought about where the tail went, myself, so as far as I’m concerned, this is canon.


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Anything I can do to help get you back in the game? (@Rukah)


Something fun! Through the power of Picrew, I’ve finally given Niko and Nova some actual designs. Both of which I think work pretty well.
Ignore the fact that I retconned Niko’s eye color.

Also a fun bonus meme


Hey all. I haven’t posted in a while because I had to focus on finals, and I’ve taken a few days to see to some personal matters. I want to begin posting again real soon, though.

In the meantime, I hope you all have been doing well. How have y’all been enjoying the game recently? Any comments or constructive criticisms to share?


Aside from the stalled pace, I’ve been loving the way things have been going. And I understand that said pace has been due to reasons out of your control, so I’m not gonna hold it against you.