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The guy in the black outfit in the spaceport, and the client who hired the mercenaries.

That’s supposedly the name of the villain who’s been causing all our problems. Though I’m convinced it’s an alias of some sort.

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Ah, that guy. That is concerning, considering LD-L1 met him…

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Yup. Gabe’s the weird human who you’ve all been seeing glimpses of since the start of the RP. Rukah’s characters saw him just before the attack at the Hall of Records, and he’s spoken to LD-L1 and Kitai at separate points. Firestorm found the name in the dropship’s flight recorder.

That’s why I felt the need to say that Ivory could recognize him as one of the old Amity colonists, should he ever see what Gabe looks like. I think he and Dune’s characters are the only ones who haven’t seen him.


Yeah, my characters arrived just after the duel in the spaceport.

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I can help fix that, if you want

No it’s fine. Besides, I enjoy their ignorance…

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Agents of evil, who threaten this new age of prosperity.


Alias: Gabriel

Homeworld: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Appearance: Gabriel is a lanky human male with cadaverous features. His dark hair is dull and stringy, and his pale skin has a deathly pallor to it. There is something strange about the way light reflects off his eyes, making them appear just as lifeless as the rest of him. It is difficult to guess at his age. Gabriel wears a spacesuit of unknown make and model, consisting of angular polymer plates over a form-fitting black undersuit. Smooth fabric runs between the plating on his back and the sides of his torso, and fall around his legs like an open longcoat. A small computer is built into the gauntlet over his right forearm.

Weapons, Abilities, and Equipment: Unknown.

Bio: By all indication, a mysterious human man known to our heroes by the alias “Gabriel” is the one responsible for the recent attacks on Cybertron, first supplying a motely team of thieves with weapons and a gunship to raid the Hall of Records in Iacon, and then dispatching a team of human mercenaries to harass our heroes the next day. He appears to be after some long-lost cybertronian treasure: an artifact hidden by Sentinel Prime that, if misused, could threaten the galaxy. How far he’ll go to attain this treasure is unknown, but if the violent nature of his attacks and his treatment of his lackies are any indication, he values the lives of others very little. Whatever power he seeks would best be kept out of his hands.

In his brief interactions with our heroes so far, Gabriel has shown that he has some knowledge of our heroes’ identities and their pasts, and he is intrigued by their recent activities. How much he knows, and how closely he is watching them, is currently unclear.

I think we know enough about Gabriel now for me to put out a character sheet for him, and having that information put in one place will hopefully be useful. Like the rest of the NPC character sheets, this post will be linked to in the original post of this topic. This post will be updated as we learn more about Gabriel and his compatriots.



The only thing I’m guilty of is having a proper sense of taste.

The space bridges and spaceports in Iacon are available to all. Anybody who wants to travel to another world and fight more bad guys can go there.

I’ve been visiting family, which is why I haven’t been active for about a week. Thank you all for your patience.


I can’t wait, I can’t wait, when they gonna open up those doors?
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Well, I’m glad we’ll be back to our adventures. I’ll enjoy using my railgun on some mercenary mechs.


My activity will be diminished for some time. Thank you all for your patience.


Let’s get hyped…



Would it be alright if an NPC bumped into Firestorm soon-ish? Firestorm wouldn’t know this person, but they’re interested in speaking with him about something peculiar- if they can find him, that is.


A new NPC:

I don’t have a name, but I realized it looks a bit like Samus when I finished. It transforms into a WWII fighter-bomber.