Transformers: Dawn of a New Age

Axis gave a polite and respectful bow to the minicon. “I understand. I hope your research proves fruitful.”

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The Prime then turned to leave and return to the ship. “Alright everyone, let’s get moving. We haven’t any time to waste!” She commanded.

Firestorm and Seraphicon follow.

“My apologies,” Razor said. “We received a recording from Sentinel Prime himself telling us that the directions to the tomb were a decoy. He left some other directions, but no one has decided them yet. They appear to have been encrypted by someone unknown to us.”

Leslie quickly scribbles onto her datapad as Razor speaks.

Fascinating!” she remarks. “You know, you cybertronians have the most intriguing history. So many ancient conspiracies, lost artifacts, and myths-made-real… it’s just a shame that so many of those secrets tend to be so dangerous.”

Those of our heroes leaving the Tomb of the Primes would return to the surface as Razor and Leslie are still conversing.

“An unfortunate side effect of being mechanical organisms with access to arcane technology.” Firestorm says, “but it does mean there’s no shortage of adventure or surprises.”


“Very well.” Kitai replied. He walked away towards the entrance, his heavy feet echoing throughout.

“Yes,” Razor agreed. “Although, I understand that your government has, in the past, had many such secrets. Weapons, experiments, and knowledge that the world was not allowed to know. Your mapping systems, I believe, were originally based on government satellites?”

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything important.” Axis said as she and the others approached Razor and the ship. “But do know that we’ll be leaving as soon as we can. There’s a lot to be done and no time to be wasted.”

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Razor looks up in surprise.
“Oh! Ah, yes, of course, I’ll come along.”
She apologizes to the reporter for having to leave, then joins the others as they make their way to the ship.

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“A fair point,” Leslie concedes to both Firestorm and Razor. “I suppose we’re not so different after all.”

“Your colleague and I were just having a friendly chat,” Leslie then says to the group. "I’m Leslie Jiménez-Hansen, Seventh Section Broadcasting. I happened to be on Cybertron doing research for a piece on the Angelicons, but then, well… something more interesting came up.

“Erm, no offense, of course,” she adds, glancing over at Seraphicon. “Your people have been very amenable.”

“No apology necessary,” Leslie assures her. “I shouldn’t be keeping you, I guess.”

By now, the guests that had been asked to leave the Tomb of the Primes have all gone home- except for Leslie. Overgrowth, the Knight of Cybertron who has accompanied our heroes, rests by the feet of one of he statues hewn from the face of the plateau, a few dents in the armor plating on her torso. From behind Kitai, Beta Maxx transforms into his jet mode and rockets into the open air. A trail of yellow plasma shoots out of his engine as the minicon flies south, toward Kaon.

Axis looked down at the human respectfully. “Interesting. I suppose now that our imperium has rejoined the greater galactic community, it would be beneficial to have people like you spreading word of our people and culture. You may accompany us if you wish. I assure you our travels will be nothing but interesting. Lots of good material for reports.”


“But, given our race’s track record, I feel you may want to be careful as things can tend to get a bit…explodey when we go on adventures.” Dark says.

“Frontline reporting is a thing, and can be lucrative.” Firestorm notes, “though that does come with risks.”

Seraphicon shrugs at the reporter’s comment about Angelicons, “No offense taken, ma’am.” He says, “it’s not every day the ghosts of all the Primes appear and can be conversed with by people.”