Transformers: Dawn of a New Age

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The Story So Far…

Iacon, Cybertron, Present Day…

Joy rings loud between the golden towers of the great city of Iacon. Cheers and laughter join in a harmonious choir that sweeps through the city streets, echoing up through the layers of boulevards and parks that weave between the skyscrapers. Multi-colored sparks of light fly through the air, and holographic banners ripple and sway as if carried along in the gentle breeze. Every flag proudly displays a particular emblem: the blue-grey sphere that is the planet Cybertron, surrounded by its eighteen colony worlds. Once disparate and isolated from each other, these planets and the mechanical beings that call them home were brought together again by a company of heroes in the face of a great evil. For five thousand years since, the cybertronian race has lifted itself from an age of ignorance into a new era of enlightenment and progress.

This day, in particular, marks an outstanding achievement for the New Imperium of Cybertron. After twenty million years of exile from the Milky Way galaxy, the interstellar community has once again opened its arms to the people of Cybertron. The shackles of past wars have been broken, freeing all peoples to step boldly into a brighter present and a hopeful future. It is among the jubilant crowds of cybertronians- and visitors from other species, as well- that we find the heroes who ushered in this new golden age, along with others who may be soon to join them…


Firestorm was working on making him and Dark presentable for the occasion.

”Seriously? Why do I have to get spiffed up?” Dark complains.

“Because this is a formal function and one doesn’t attend those looking like a rusty old relic.” Firestorm says.


Kitai wanders out of the space port and around through crowds,his eyes searching for a mnemosurgeon office.Defeated when he could not find any signs,he turns to someone nearby.
“Excuse me,” He asked.“But do you know where the nearest mnemosurgeon office is? Sorry.”


Two Cybertronians step out of the nearby spaceport, familiar to some, famous to many. Zipline and Cargo, intergalactic bounty hunters and now, galaxy-savers.

“Wow,” Zip says, gasping at the crowds and celebrations. “Here I was, thinking they had all forgotten, Carg.”

Cargo raises a digital eyebrow at his business partner.

“They really did all of this,” Zip whimpers, “for my birthday.”


Kitai notices the pair stepping out of the spaceport. They seem to be the sort who have been here before.
He walks to them,and asks,“Excuse me,but do you know where i could find a Mnemosurgeon? Sorry in advance for troubling you.”

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“A what? A Me- A ne- Anemone?” Zip stutters in utter confusion.

Cargo nods. “Yes, actually. We actually have a good friend who visits one every so often. There’d be one somewhere near here.” He eyes Kitai curiously. “Are you… alright? Would you like company getting there?”


"I would like someone to point me in the right direction."Kitai responds.
What are you doing?! You don’t know these people! His inner head booms.
They could be robbers,like ones back on clemency!Or worse!
Its ok,its ok.Just asking for directions.
He managed to clear his mind of the torrent of thoughts gushing out onto the rocks of senseless just enough to not freeze in place. “If you’re ok with that.” He said sheepishly.


“Of course!” Cargo says, they square-shaped eyes on his visor shaping into little crescents with their tips facing downwards.

Zipline stares at Kitai, staring at his moth wings while flicking his own insect-like set.


Axis and Maximus stood on a balcony in the Prime Basilica, looking out over the roaring city. The Prime had a wide smile on her face as she took it all in.

“This is amazing! There’s people gathered from every corny of the galaxy. I’ve never seen Iacon this lively!”
Maximus said excitedly.

“I know. To think after 20 million years of exile, Cybertron is finally being brought back into the galactic fold. And I’m the one to lead us all into it. Granted, there’s still a lot of busy work to be done. So many processes and formalities before we can officially rejoin the F.A.S. But I feel comfortable leaving those worries until tomorrow.”
Axis said cheerfully.

Somewhere in one of the upper parks, Niko Rockefeller stood atop his lion-mech. Jamming on his guitar and hoping to gather some attention.

Meanwhile a very big and very friendly looking eukarian stood by a nearby food stand. With a slice of energon pie in one hand, he simply looked around and enjoyed the pleasant atmosphere.


XM-333 weaved their way through the crowd, somewhat anxiously.

They were vastly unfamiliar with other Cybertronians, and the sight of so many made them uneasy. XM-333 tried not to tread on any feet or bump into anybody, hoping to attract as little hostile attention as possible.


It was quite the day, wasn’t it? At least, Barrage suspected as much. He was quite out of the loop of things. Didn’t pay much attention to the news. At any rate, the incessant cheering of the crowds were making his job stocking shelves far less enjoyable than normal. He liked to enjoy his time to himself. If he couldn’t do that, he thought he may as well go outside and find out what the commotion was about.


Tokamak wondered the streets, moving around like Frogger amongst the crowd. It was a time of celebration, perhaps one of the biggest he would see in his lifetime. And in a time like this, races were bound to be happening somewhere. There’s no way it couldn’t, he just needed to be in the right place and time to found out.

Also to get sidetracked. Venues, chatter, anything really. Might as well sample and party while hoping to stumble onto the correct path. His little partner Motormouth sat on his left shoulder. Being a drone, he didn’t show much expression but Tokamak tried to encourage him to raise some arms and try to join in.

If there was one thing, and only one thing, that the Junkions taught her, it was how to party. And an important lesson was to never miss out on a party, least of all this celebration.

That and I’m finally free! Free!

Roaster nearly shouted the thought. Her shows were over, she no longer had any responsibility. And with the galaxy opened to them again, she could do anything, work on any project. What that would be didn’t matter right now, that could wait. It was time to party. And party hard.

At the moment, she was dancing with a few other strangers in the streets. Though with the nearby food vendors, she was seriously considering to challenge one of them to a bake-off.


Low-Tide noticed XM-333’s anxiety, and called out to him from not too far away.

“Hey bot-dude. You okay? Ya look like you’re not having much fun, which is a pretty big deal if you ask me. Seein’ as this is one of the biggest parties in history.”
The turtle bot said in a relaxed tone.


A new age? All I’ve known is a new age… or rather the aching in the back of my mind tells me that. But why?

Machina shook her head. She was on the shorter side of the average cybertronian height and thus blended into the crowd well. She kep her thoughts to herself and went searching for some platform where she could get a clear view of what was happening. Her mind full with answerless questions and queries of why her mind ached with some looming sense that something was wrong. The whole thing is inauspicious, clearly she hadn’t searched hard enough. But where to begin her search. She could brute force it by searching anything and everything to see if that got her over this gloomy aching.

What was seen was that of a decently sized predacon. What set him apart from the members of the crowd was the child-like worry of being lost that was painted in his six eyes. Argyros Asrar made his way through the crowd, cleary searching for someone. Who? Anyone’s guess. If he gave an answer he simply said “Father.”

His tail swayed gently with anticipation. The green cybertronian was quite excited for this event. It was clearly the apple of his eye, showing in how his eyes quite literally glowed with excitement. His name was Jade Dragon and he was practically dancing to see how this event went down. He wished deeply to see what he could learn from their leader and what example she might set. Jade Dragon had never exactly seen the prime before, but what he heard! It was all good things. Although the more reasonable side of his mind told him that some of these things were exaggerations, but that hardly mattered.


XM-333 turned towards Low-Tide, his singular optic focusing on the turtle bot.
“Er…” They struggled for a second, seemingly unable to find the words.

“I’m not used to this many… bots,” they replied, after a moment. “Never seen so many in one place.”


Low-Tide nodded.
“Same here bro-dude. This is my first time visting Cybertron actually. Never seen this many dudes all in one place before. I don’t mind it much myself, but I’ve known smaller bros that get real wigged out in bigger crowds. Ya can stick with me if you think it’ll help. I’ll make sure nobody tries to mess with you.”
The eukarian said with a smile.


“I appreciate it.”
XM-333 offered a hand. “My num-” He paused, as if he made an error. “My name is XM-333.”


The turtle grinned.
“Nice dude. Never heard a name like that before. My name’s Low-Tide. I’m from Eukaris. How about you?”


Once Barrage exited the shop he worked for, he was greeted by the sight (and even louder of the sound) of what looked to be hundreds of Cybertronians in celebration.
Of what, Barrage was still not sure. He didn’t have many people in his life that would’ve informed him of an event such as this, and he really wasn’t informed, news-wise. He saw an white approachable-looking bot looking like they were having the time of their life, and resolved that to ask them what all the commotion was about.
“Excuse me, but could you inform me what’s going on? I have no clue in the slightest!” He had to raise his voice a decent amount over the noise.


“Avalon Prime.” replied XM-333.
“Never really seen much outside of it.”