Transformers Decepticon - Blackout

Greetings my fellow autobots and decepticons! Today i would like to introduce you my new Lego MOC creation! This here is Blackout from Bays Transformers first movie! This Decepticon MOC is very-very posible! He has a lot of pistons, which allow him to move his torso and the legs, also they give him more stability. The figure is very stable as well as it’s nice looking. He is armed with his gatling gun, as well as his small arm propeller. Blackout is a very big Decepticon in the movie (he is even bigger than Megatron) But, unfortunatelly he dies in the first part, but gets resurrect by his fellow Decepticons, and beeing renamed as Grindor. With that said, hope you enjoyed! :slight_smile:


Nice head, the chest looks like a bit caved in, but other than that it looks pretty comparable to actual Blackout.

Aw man this thing is pretty sweet! Love the build a whole lot, especially that head. My only concern mplaint would be the exposed studs but otherwise it’s pretty awesome.

You make glorious heads.

THX man!

yo, Blackout is one of the few movie designs I actually like, that’s amazing

The waist is and upper legs are a bit bare but nice.

@Middlefingerstudios I never understood peoples dislike of the movies transformer designs, I always thought the amount of detail looked great on them. Especially Megatron’s first form, that was great IMO.

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This is truly amazing. Not much I can find wrong with it.

that head is really good

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This looks awesome! The head design is especially magnificent!

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Ew a baybot


The only down side is that it appears he can’t transform.