Transformers Dropkick


Ever since they were revealed I knew I wanted to make Bumblebee 2018’s villainous duo, however I wasn’t certain how to go about it. I didn’t want to make triple changers, because I knew it would ultimately require too many sacrifices for me to be fully happy with the end product and I didn’t know If I wanted to build versions that excluded a mode. When I saw the movie, and discovered they had car forms before scanning the aircrafts I decided I would build those versions. this is Dropkick form that pair of creations.

#The MOC:

Car Mode:


Robot Mode:


This thing looks like a proper transformer


Really looks incredible. The transformation is amazing as always

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Really well done! Creative design!

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Amazing, it could be a real toy.

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It looks awesome! I’ve seen a few triple changers but they always sacrifice the car mode. Yours loooks amazingggg in bothhhhhh

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