Transformers: Enemies Out Of The Shadows (Sign ups)

I stole the title from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, fight me

Simple plot but slightly changed

No longer will I miss RPs!

The war was thought to be over but one decepticon ship escaped, the ship landed but upon landing, the sergeant betrayed the others and was subsequently killed, but his call to the autobots was seen, now the 20 Autobots must hunt for the last remaining decepticons

There are 19 decepticons to choose
There are also 20 autobots to choose
You can make either a brickhead, upload any image or drawing of your character but you must provide an image of the vehicle

Please use the following template and you can’t have more than 3 numbers above 6

Dynamo reference sheet
Faction: Autobot
Gender: Male
Alt mode
Power: 6
Mission: 5

Fury Reference Sheet:
Faction: Deception
Gender: Female
Alt Mode:

Height: 5
Disguise: 1
Heart: 3
Courage: 8
Mission: 3

What’s this mean?

How important they are to the mission

To be honest I don’t have a clue, it was just on the old top trumps

Is this not going to be a thing?

Okay, it begins now!
Name: Roadkill
Power: 10
Height 5
Disguise: 0
Heart: 0
Courage: 4
Mission: 1

You can close this

Closed per Request

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