Transformers- Optimus Prime and Megatron (WIP)

So, I made these guys over a few days and they are primarily CCBS. They do properly transform, without having to rip them apart and reassemble them and I am still working on them.

They are a work in progress (Optimus is a second version, as
I wasn’t happy with the first one and it was a severe drain on ball joints) , and I still want to change them, but I’m limited on my parts. Even looking at this, Megatron should be taller and Optimus should have a bit more bulk to him.
Anyway, I just wanted to show them off and see what everyone thought. If you want to see more stuff like this, you can check out my YouTube channel, as I primarily show stuff there. Thanks and I hope you like them.

Improved versions of bot transformers. Megatron is taller and Optimus has a LOT of changes, so he looks more like his G1 incarnation. Enjoy the nostalgia!




The car modes have their problems, but I think I can’t blame that because it’s CCBS.


These are awesome! They look like the cybertronian alt modes of the two. Good job!

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These look great! I’ve always found transforming MOCs really impressive; I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to make both forms work visually and have them transform smoothly.

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This is looking awesome! If you can find a way to really cover all the gaps, these will be truly perfect!

I gotta say, I love the boot design on Megatron, and I love that you gave him a tank mode too! Awesome use for the Fusion Cannon!

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Hey! These are pretty good!

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These look cool, although I have a few suggestions

For one, make the heads a bit smaller. You could also have Megatron compact more in vehicle mode, so he doesn’t look like he’s just laying down. Lastly, maybe choose a different chest piece for Optimus, so he can have his chest windows. Other than that, they look great!

What about now? :smiley: (I’m not sure how to compact Megatron’s tank mode more without killing the look but thanks for the input.)

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Yeah, that’s kinda what I was thinking, though you didn’t need to replace Optimus’ waist. I think that looked fine as is

But G1 influence! It’s also neater though.

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