Transformers Prime Ripclaw drawing W.I.P

So, for the millionth time, I've decided to draw Ripclaw. stuck_out_tongue

This is a W.I.P, so the pose and stuffs will eventually change. Still, I felt like posting something art related here, so I did. stuck_out_tongue
Anyway, for those who aren't familiar with Transformers, or haven't heard of the character before, here's a pic of her & a link to the TFWiki page for her:


Nice, Prime is my favorite.


looks great so far


decided to draw the only toy predacon that's female? Excellent choice.

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Thank you! ^-^ Lol, she's pretty much my 3rd favourite fembot. stuck_out_tongue

@Middlefingerstudios @ToaOfUltimateDoom Thanks! ^-^ Lol, this is a bit of a late update (I had to go et some dinner. :P), but I've progressed a little with the drawing:

I did a bit of work on the face, reshaped the waistpiece, did a little bit of outlining on the right arm, then kinda shaped out the left, as well as making a bit of her left wing. Probably gonna save the hands for last because 3-fingered hands are a pain to draw, and right now they look pretty horrendous. ;~;


eh, I think the hands look fine for now

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Lol, to me they look pretty bad. stuck_out_tongue

EDIT: Anyone think this could make the rounds in the Creative Roundup?
Also, which fembots are your favourites?

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maybe I don't know

um probably Chromia and Elita one

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Lol, mine are definitely Blackarachnia (Animated continuity), Windblade, and Slipstream. Also, I've done a bit more work on the drawing (Not much, just redoing the inside of her mouth, reshaping the waistpiece, redoing the lower arms, adding some detail on the upper torso, finishing up one wing, etc):


Man, this art pieces you make are awsome, definitly not something i could draw, but thats mainly couse i keep stuff simple C:

Keep up the good work!
~Creep (wow that oldschool thing ive been doing .-.)

Why thank you! I try my hardest, though I honestly don't think I'm that good. XD Your stuff is pretty great though! ^-^

Awesome work here!

Why thank you! ^-^