Transformers: Salvation Prequel (kinda)

In the London underground, a green porsche, a red BMW, a blue Subaru, a brown Toyota and an orange Ford are chasing a massive train filled with screaming passengers
“ALPHA!” yells the blue Subaru
“What is it Gamma?” Asks the red BMW
“He’s going too fast!” The brown Toyota sighs
“Don’t interupt me, Epsilon!” Gamma snarls
“Don’t be rude Gama!” Alpha yells
“Whatever!” Gamma chuckles “Anyway, now might be a good idea to…”
“Transform?” Alpha asks
“Yep!” Gamma smirks
“Alright everybody, transform and attack!” Alpha orders, the 4 others do so, revealing sleak robot modes, the train does so as well, revealing a monster-like creature
“I thought we killed all the big and ugly decepticons!” Alpha sighs
“HEY!” growls Gamma, Epsilon and the blue Subaru
The train robot smashes the roof and all else in sight
“I think humans might be scared of us after that thing!” The orange ford sighs
“Shut up Omega, I am Zeta and I shall slay thou beast!” The blue Subaru yells, running at the train he threw a bomb and it blew up the explosion killed them all and blew up the earth

@Kini_Hawkeye you can close it

Wait… Wait…
If you know this is going to get closed…
and if you INVITE the mode to close it…
Why did you made it in the first place?


I created a story but I realised I got bored of it but I didn’t really want to delete it so I thought about leaving unfinished but then I realised it would get closed so I @ed the mods

Again, why did you posted it? If you got bored of writing it after… like 20 lines, and you knew that it will not pass, why did you kept it?

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I don’t know to be honest, you’ve definitely put more thought into it then I have, but I’ll end it

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I’m… just… I’m just gonna Echo Vladin’s sentiment…

Wait are you writing these on the boards? Cause if that’s the case I’d suggest using Word? Or something that you can work on without having the urge to post only for it to be closed. Cause… yeah.

Closed by Request… I guess?