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Happy Halloween folks!

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Happy All Hallow’s eve!

Though, to be honest, I’ve never really done anything for halloween. Except for going out a day or so later and buying dirt-cheap candy.

Romania doesn’t even celebrate Halloween.
It’s like that one foreign holiday we tried to adopt cause it looks fine, but never took off.
But it’s still fun. The thing with the guy who was not welcomed in either heaven or hell is cool.

Thank you!

Interesting. Well, have a pleasant day, all the same.

That’s Stingy Jack, right?

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I think so. Forgot his name. But I know he was called Jack, as he inspired the Jack’o’lantern.

Yeah, that’s him then, from what I’ve read. Neat little tale.

I’m unfamiliar with a lot of Cyberverse stuff, I’m afraid. What are energon trails, in the context of the show’s lore?

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Name: Magneta
Faction: Decepticon turned Autobot
Occupation: Warrior, Weapon of mass destruction.
Age: Young 22 in human terms
Personality:(She has 2) 1. Self sacrificial, Maternal, Motivating, Punk powerhouse. 2. See weakness.
Powers/Weapons: TeleKenisis ,Broadsword (Excalibur type) Rage. Fire Power (made more powerful in rage mode.) Sharp blade on the end of her tail.
Weaknesses: Personality 2 .rage. Easily angered,but can be controlled. Will break free from personality 1 and can Separate from body to destroy everything.
Alt mode : Cat ( Like Ravage, but with two eyes instead of one.)
Extra powers: super senses of a cat.

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Alright, this is looking good. There’s just one thing I have an issue with:

It’s this. I’d accept it if we didn’t already have PCs with similar powers. One more would just be too many.

If we can work this out, though, I can accept Magneta and you could jump right in.

Hrm… maybe you could have her, when she gets angry, maybe it unlocks another alt-mode, like a panther, or tiger?

But do what you want.

Kinda like what Grimlock could do in Fall of Cybertron? I’d be cool with something like that, though again it’s @Magneta’s decision, not mine.

Maybe. I dunno. I’ve never played it.

Ah. Well, Grimlock had an ability in that game very similar to what you described. He would get “angrier” with the more enemies the player killed, until he’d essentially hulk out and transform into his T-rex mode. It was a pretty neat mechanic.

That sounds cool.

On that sort of note, can we agree, as cool and interesting an idea it is, that taking such an idea to its logical extreme of going Asura’s Wrath (yes, that is how the game works for all you folks who haven’t looked into it yet) where the power of said rage can reach a point where one could actually fight and defeat a deity is a bad idea and not to get anywhere near it?

Yeah; that’d be… extreme.

I like that idea , maybe something stronger than a cat. Like a velociraptor? Indoraptor?

That’s up to you. I was just throwing out the idea. It’s your choice! :slight_smile:

It’s your call.

Woah. Nemesis Prime. This just got serious.

Ok so rage mode is grimlock sized velociraptor.