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so… seeing that Song died… does this mean that I can create a new character?

Yeah, I guess it does.

I genuinely just want to see if I can tie my lot of characters from TotGA with this one.

You couldn’t play anybody your TOTGA characters here, I’m afraid, but I guess you could make a character who’s connected to them somehow.

Yeah, that’s my idea.

They’re not taken, per se. If you want to get your characters involved with any of the ongoing happenings, or if you want to see if you can discover something else on your own, just have your characters act accordingly.

I’ll say upfront that Zepar and the Splitter brothers are gonna need some help in getting the next Omega Key, and that Gronius won’t be getting into those vaults all by his lonesome.

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Alright, i see what you mean.

I just don’t like to mess with other people’s plotlines. I’m happy to help, but I don’t want to intrude. One the most frustrating things to deal with is when you have a plot idea to go with and you have to abandon it. So, I just let things be, unless someone wants me involved.

As for the specific circumstances, I’ll have to find some excuse for my charecters to get involved, since I don’t think any of them have met each other outside of battle.

I can only speak for myself, but interacting with other characters is part of the fun for me, both as a player and a GM. I encourage y’all to get involved with each other, and the structure of my games is meant to be built off cooperation between the PCs. It doesn’t always work out like that, but no bot is an island, and whatnot…


Does anybody wanna help out with this?

@Toa_Vladin @BlackBeltGamer98 @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister @meepinater @MichaelBT-7474

The exception being @ToaNoah_Wafflemeister.

Everyone else I had any interactions with left.

It’s not that big a deal though. Juliana has Blight, GC has Deus, and Laslow… I’m not sure. Salvo I guess.

Sorry, I didn’t payed attention to the context.
What is happening?

I need some help getting Prof’s characters involved with things. A lot of y’all still have characters in and around the ship, so I figured one of them could run into 'em.

Basically, i’m bored, but don’t want to interrupt anyone.

All of my characters (other than the one I am presumably going to make) are on the planet.

And all mine are on the ship, so there goes that.

Spectrum’s around somewhere

Well, John I’d help you out but you did say you were going to not be as active as you once was. So I really don’t want to get RP locked.

Which is exactly why I wasn’t actively looking for anyone.

So… any o’ y’all got suggestions for me as to what loot you want your characters to get from the vaults?

No idea’s for anyone beside Laslow. All I want for him is something that’ll get Salvo’s attention, beside just being some run-of-the-mill bot who needed a rifle.

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One BFG 10000 coming right up!