Transformers: Salvation

The brothers nodded.
“So we are to collect relics?” Asked Fuse.

“Well, from what I’ve heard, we’re only after one,” Halfrunner says, referring to the Omega Lock.

Flareshot grinned. He took a swig from his flask before aiming his rifle toward the three rapidly moving targets.

Flareshot hits the first target square in the head.
He hits the next in the chest.
Flareshot misses the third target. He fires again.
Frustrated after missing two more times, he throws his dagger at the third target, hitting it in the left shoulder.
Flareshot smiles before taking another large sip from his flask
“Ahhhhh. Glad to know my injury hasn’t made me completely useless”


“So what have you found, Side?” Sidewire asked.
“Well same ol same, nothing but uninteresting data in the database. Well somethings are interesting but not as much to keep us all entertained.” Sidestrike said as he checked through all of the datanet.
“Looks like the junkions got some terran videos this might be interesting.” Sidestrike added.

Paradox and Techwarp were playing the wrecker catch ball game in their room since it was large enough they had the space to do it.
Sidewire sat upside down on his bed and played a little console game he had since it was gifted by a cybertronian which once went to earth.
Magnobolt inspected his weapons.

“Ah.” Fuse said.
“So then what’s all this for?” Riot waved his hands around, gesturing to the Salvation.
“It can’t be that hard to get a relic, can it?”

Sidestrike founded a video in the datanet which he founded somewhat funny.
"Hey guys wanna check something out? Sidestrike asked.
The others were intrigued and stood behind Sidestrike as he played the video.

They watched a funny video about cats and some found it cute like Sidewire others found it funny like Techwarp and Magnobolt smirked only a little Paradox was poker face all the time and Sidestrike laughed the most.

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“A lot of it might be just be for show,” Halfrunner supposes. “Y’know, to show that the two factions can work together and all that…”

Vigor scowls at Halfrunner’s words.

Fuse nodded. “Ah.”
Lightshift finished his drink and looked around at his brothers.
“We should go; we’ve still got quite a bit to explore.”
The five robots stood up. Lightshift extended his hand towards Halfrunner.
“It was nice conversing with you, Halfrunner. I hope we shall talk again soon.”
Thrust, Fuse, and Riot nodded, while Vigor said nothing.

Halfrunner accepts the handshake.

“Well, I’m not going to lie that was pretty funny.” Sidewire said.
“That’s the only thing which might peek our interested, besides we are not really keen on the internet like these terrans.” Sidestrike told them. “I’ll continue my resource however, I might be interested in something to do with science.”

Paradox and Techwarp returned to their game, for now Paradox was winning and Techwarp was not liking it.
Magnobolt still inspected his guns and weapons and Sidewire played on his video game.

Flareshot decides to leave the shooting range and head up to the bar.

“Hey quartermaster, where might the bar be on this ship”, Flareshot asked Salvo

“I think there’s two of 'em worth checking out,” Salvo says. “The Antillian Sunrise, and this other place called Peace and Tyranny.”

“Thanks again”
Flareshot accesses the ships directory. Seeing that both establishments were a tad too far away, Flareshot instead made his way to his quarters.
“I’ll have to check these out another time”

Lightshift and his brothers exit the bar.
They walk down to the hangar, continuing their exploration of the ship.

Most of the hangars didn’t have much to see currently, except for hangar bay thirty, where Thrift was planning to set up shop.

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The Splitter brothers entered Hangar Bay Thirty. They looked around, interested.

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IC: Hangar bay thirty was still bustling with the commotion of Salvation’s boarding procedures as crates of energon, ammunition, and other supplies are carried off of cargo transports and to various storage locations. Amidst the hubub however, the Splitter brothers could likely spy the refueling platform that Thrift, the traveling junkion trader, had redecorated with Christmas lights. Thrift himself and his trusty spaceship could be seen, and the merchant was just finishing up a conversation with a fellow named Sendoff.


LightShift noticed Thrift, and approached him. “Hello” he said.

“Oh, sorry. I forgot that for you, Decepticons, asking questions is a waste of time.” Redstocker said to ■■■■■■■■■■■■.

Gronius entered Peace and Tiranny.

Wildsong was exploring the Salvation. Partly to see its interior, partly to find Broadwing.

Sidewire sighed “Yeah, this is getting boring.”
“Well, what did you expect?” Magnobolt asked.

Sidewire stood up and started to walk back and forth.
“So my dear wise leader. I expected that the Salvation is the most advanced ship built by Decepticons and Autobots alike would be somewhat fast for taking off!”

Paradox catches the ball and was about to score a point but Techwarp stopped him as he then took the ball.
“Relax kid. You’ll get plenty of actions.” Paradox assured him.
Techwarp scored a point and was cheering about it. “BOOYAH!”
“Yeah really funny, Tech but remember it’s still 20-13.” Paradox said crossing his arms

Sidestrike still searched through the datanet finding interesting writtens and information.
“You know, Squad Leader. You could stop inspecting your weapons, they are fully charged everything is fine and that Axe is so sharp it can compare to the mighty Star Saber.” Sidestrike said not even looking at Magnobolt.

Magnobolt looked up and saw that some of his teammates were standing and facing him, arms crossed.
“What?” he asked.

“You’ve been acting kind of strange lately.” Techwarp noticed.
“Defy strange.” Magnobolt said.

Paradox then walked closely towards Magnbolt and grabbed his Axe and teste how sharp it was, it was really sharp he almost cut his finger off.
“Yeah definitely strange.” Paradox said looking to his group.

“Guys, seriously if you don’t stop. I’ll have you run 100 laps around the ship. I am not acting strangely just…everything…takes getting used to.” Magnobolt said dropping his face looking at the floor.

Sidewire walked closely and sat next to Magnobolt as he placed his right hand on his left shoulder.
“I know, we all are going through those hard times. But we gotta think about this though, were soldiers…Decepticons…and the War is kinda “over” I think and after we find the Omega Lock and save Cybertron, what will happen to us then?” Sidewire asked worriedly.