Transformers: The War

So I've been thinking about writing something like this for a long a long time but earlier today when I saw this topic:
I decided to finally write it! So enough explanations here's the story:

Glide sat at the tavern in Autobot-city occasionally sipping at his energon. So much had happened in the last hour. His team called Sixturbo had been found in stasis lock in the basement of one of Kaons racing tracks.
From what he could remember his team had won a race but instead of waking up to celebrating fans they were rushed to a large spaceship and told to rest. When the ship landed they where carted to some sort of medical bay.
After getting examined by a medical officer Glide was told to wait outside the room until the rest of his team was healed and than some one named Optimus prime would explain every thing to them. Glide didn't like the idea of waiting so he decided to go and find some answers him self.
Glide now feeling refreshed and ready to find someone to explain what was happening turned and began to step of the stool. As soon as his foot touched the ground he herd a loud gruff voice ask "Hey I don't recognize you. You kind of look like Groove but he'd never be seen drinking in public..." "Oh my names Glide" Glide replied startled
pulling him self back on the stool and turning to face a large blue and red transformer. "My names Overload." "Nice to meet you Overload. Say could you explain what's happened since about.... 2798?" Glide asked "What! You're telling me yoo don't know that!" Overload screamed spitting out his drink. "Well the thing is I was just found with my racing team knocked out in a basement!" Glide retorted defensively.
"Oh so you're one of those little guys they found in Kaon.... well if you still want an explanation of what's happened since you better get comfortable because it's a long story." Glide rested his arm in his hands an nodded.
"It all started when Starscream got elected as ruler of Cybertron. Under his rule Cybertron flourished under his command. But many questioned his motives. Stories began to leak out about police brutality that Starscream encouraged. Sadly when election time came around again we didn't listen to all the stories and re-elected him. He started ruling with an iron fist creating a corrupt specialized law enforcing group he called the seekers. Most people who met him said the power had went to his head.
He began having public mass executions just to display his power. When three of his seekers... they called them selves the rainmakers... attempted to rebel Starscream put them on display in the heart of Iacon getting the will tortured out of them as an example. They where dark days... leading up to an even worse future.
When election time came around again alomost everybody voted for a new candidate named Megatronus. He was from Kaon and was one of the citizens who where forced to fight in Starsctreams stadium. He said that if he was elected he would get rid of all the laws Starscream had created and return Cybertron to it's former glory...
That was when scrap really hit the fan... Starscream refuse to allow Megatronus to rule so when the day came for him to give Megatronus his throne he staged a huge attack on Kaon killing thousands and destroying everything. Megatronus started his own army he would call the Elite guard. The war was short and ended with Starscream and his seekers imprisoned and Megatronus ruler of Cybertron."
Overload stopped to take a sip of his drink. "So is that all?" Glide asked. "Ha ha ha "Is it done" It's barely begun!


Very nice. I like how you had Starscream be overthrown by Megatronus, it seems to set up a good reason why he would repeatedly try to oust his leader.

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I inspired @Marendex_T17 with my movie ideas, Marendex inspired you, I have started a movement

this is certainly interesting, I like the looks of this



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For those who don't know who Glide or Overload are:

(Technically y=this is a double post but it doesn't count because this is creative content)

Turns out Starscream had a team of scientist inventing a machine designed to corrupt any cybertronian and cuase them to listen to the commands to who ever used the machine. Megatronus accidentally activated it on himself... he tracked down the scientists responsible for the machine and interrogated them about what the machine did. Their where three scientists and only one of them escaped without having his invention used on himself, Jetfire. Megatronus began secretly abducting promising citizens and zapping them with his twisted machine. Than one day he made a public announcement Crystal city. His new name was Megatron and everyone was to follow his command or die. When a brave bot, Omega supreme fought back Megatron revealed his newest invention. Combiner technology designed to allow five to six individual cybertonians to combine into one giant.
Megatrons first combiner devastator made short work of Omega supreme and all of Crystal city for that matter. That's what many consider the first reall battle of the Autobot Decepticon war.

I know it's a fairly short "installment" but I'm tired...


heh, I know what you are referencing here

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It seemed like Starscream was ruling again. What was supposed to fix the problems simply became them. But this is the good part. Back in the day I was a chauffer for a librarian name Orion pax. We would often discus Megatron's rule and how to bring it to an end. We slowly built up a militia and prepared to fight back. But than Orion went missing. Most of us thought he had been kidnaped like so many others. We continued without him waging war against Megatron's army. They called them selves the Decepticons because they "Rose from our deception of loyalty". We called our selves the ancient name Autobot. Many battles, we won some, lost some. Mainly the latter. After a lot of loses and hundreds of dead bots later all hope seemed lost.


Remember this?
Well I want to try and make it some way, Animation, Stopmotion or Comic.
So I tried making a comic:

It takes place right after the conversation finishes.
(Sorry if you can't read it. My hand writing sucks and the only way I can upload it is just by taking a picture of it with a camera stuck_out_tongue )