Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

It was a selection far less varied than the racks by the arena. And all the weapons there were dulled and rounded, intended to do little actual damage.

Hammers, swords, flails, axes, the usual works.

She decided to pick a heavy double-bladed axe.

OOC: Looks similar to Hector’s Wolf beil. Longer handle than a normal axe, but shorter than a pole-arm.

She then walked to the control panel, and flipped through the options till she found herself. then, booted the program.

Skill level: 4
Victories: 22
Defeats: 18

A perfect replica of Juliana materialized behind her. It took a battle ready stance, and waited for the real thing to make the first move.

OOC: Is that her record in the ring, or on the simulator.

OOC: These are simulation statistics.

“What?” Juliana wondered to herself. “Who’s been fighting me and losing? I only lost deliberatly a few times against this thing. It shouldn’t have so many wins. I’ll have to ask around.”

With that, she turned to face her opponent. She bowed, and swung her ax out to her side, motioning for the simulation to come at her.

The simulation quickly ducked down and avoided the attack.

OOC: What is her general fighting style? I need to know so I can best replicate it here.

Machbreaker uses it to swiftly type out a response, and though it was short, it was fast even for such a small response.

“Neato.” The thing calls out.

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OOC: Highly graceful, small jabs and slices with her blade, usually manuvers rings around her opponents, jumps, flips, dodges. Basically using her dancing skills to maximum effect. Think about how a running back spirals and damces around the incoming linebackers. Basically, she knows she’s a glass cannon. If she takes to many hits, she’ll go down quick, so she makes sure that never happens.

Also, it wasn’t an attack, she was simply moving her axe to her side in a sort of resting position in preparation for the opponents attacks.

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“And one more thing.”
He takes a small device off the counter. A circular object with a red light and a clip on the bottom, just big enough to go around a minicon’s wrist. He hands it to one of them.

“I can use this to signal you when I need your assistance. That way you can continue on with your usual business, and only need to worry about me when I need you.”

OOC: Got it.

Oh. Alright then.

The hard-light construction does nothing, waiting for an attack.

“Ugh, forgot how well it knows my style. It’ll never attack first.” She muttered to herself, taking an agressive step forward, which, if she knew herself, should trigger an attack.

Backbreaker looks down at himself. Between his broad figure, savage-looking armor, and raw might, there was little he could apply himself to outside of combat. Sure, there was construction, maybe, but he’d always found breaking things more fun, as opposed to building them.

“Maybe they had a point,” he chuckles.

The simulation remained motionless. Like all the other sim-file presets, it would not move until the opponent tried to make contact.

“Maybe. Some of the earlier exiles were definitely legitimate. But casting out every last one is absurd.”

Backbreaker nods in agreement.

“What about before the war? What did you do then?”

She sighed, and pulled a bullet out from her hoppers, and flung it at the sim.

“I was a gladiator,” Backbreaker proudly states. “You’re looking at a champion of the pits of Kaon, right here.”

The Autobot taps his chest.

The simulation dashed to the side with great agility. It ran around behind her and tried to jab her in the back.

“The pits huh? Very nice. Got a lot of my fighting skill there. Though they got overtaken by some gang a while before I got captured. Now they use it as their den.”

She spun back and away, avoiding the strike, swinging the axe around her side as she did so.

The simulation ducked and dashed to the right, trying to elbow her in the side.