Transformers: Tournament of Terror. RP Topic

Maximus clutched his head as he slowly awakened. Desperately he tried to remember what had happened.

He remembered going on a mission with Axis. On their way to the closest Space Bridge Port, then there ship was attacked. There was a flash of some kind and then… Nothing.

Trying to clear his head, he looked around, trying to get his bearings. He saw Axis laying next to him, still unconscious. Looking up he saw that he was in some sort of large commons area, with many different bots all looking at him.

“Uh… Hi?”
He said hesitantly…



A smaller bot with burnt-orange armor and a pair of blue, lamp-like eyes stares back at Maximus.

Doo-zwap,” Oddball chirps in reply.

“Near as I can tell, that’s a ‘hello’,” a tall, broad-shouldered Autobot with white armor and a large sword stowed on his back translates.

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“Oh!.. You-you’re awake!” Juliana stutters from the corner. She was pretty, in the shrinking violet sort of way. She looked at Maximus with her arms crossed before her and her eyes were full of concern. “A-are you alright?” She asked.


“I’m as fine as I can be… I think.”
Maximus said, still rather confused. He stood up, still holding his head in one hand. It was then he noticed something strange on the bot’s chest.

“Wait a minute… Are you an autobot?”

Juliana stepped back a bit, folding her arms in front her. “Oh-oh! Me, um… yes? I-is that okay?” She asked, a bit worried.

“No, that’s fine. But… How? I thought autobots were bigger.”
Maximus said, still very confused. He looked around and saw many individuals. Autobots, decepticons, maximals, and predacons alike.

Axis slowly stirred. She sat up and looked around, hand pressed to her forehead.
“The hell is going on?”
She said, still not fully aware of her surroundings.

“Oh um… well…” Juliana trailed off, obviously uncomfortable about her height. “I-I’ve always been a but short.” She said, looking down uncomfortably

The Minicon team is off over by a far side wall, with Railgun being the only one visibly present. He’s standing in front of a small fortified station, a little headquarters he and his team had built from various scrap they collected. Though to everyone else, it looked much more like a child’s pillow-n-blankets fort, a very poor and flimsy imitation of true military rail station. That in of itself is part of the deception, it appears harmless, worthless, and easy to remove. On the inside, however, they have been working on making tunnels, breaking through existing cracks in walls, and other means of more traversal through this place. If you got to run, you need escape routes, but you also need to make so they’re not easily seen. That part comes later when they’re done, but a rat whose hole has been found is soon a dead one.

His arms are crossed, guarding the entrance as he watches the other bots pour their attention over the new comers. More of those…squishy bots. He still is not sure what to think of them, but he was already trying to guess how long they would last here.

His compatriots were inside, though neither were working on the new hole at the moment. Tie-Grabber had his hook slung around a high bar and was pulling himself up and down, working out his pulley systems. Machbreaker is both keeping track of how many reps are being completed as well as further pushing himself by seeing how long he can hover.

Though ever curious for new intel, Machbreaker asks, “Are they awake? What’s break’en?”

He says it just loud enough for Railgun to hear, but should anyone else manage to be listening in, it sounded like high pitched, zipping beeps.

“One. Threat level, unknown. Intentions, unknown. Looks like the kid is confused, but is intact.” Railgun’s blurps are much deeper, with a definite crunch to them.

“Already? Sweet. New fight soon then?”

Tie-Grabber lands back on the ground for the sixtieth time and whips his arm up to unlatch the hook from the bar, reeling it back in. When he speaks, it sounds like a light whistle meets a whirling car engine upon start up with occasional clinks. “Better not, it’s too soon. We haven’t–”

Railgun interrupts him, “The other is awake. Language indicates it is more hostile. Prepare for retreat.”

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The white Autobot, Backbreaker, laughs.

“I used to be bigger,” he chuckles.

“The Vex shrunk me down after the captured me. They thought it’d make me ‘easier to handle’ or something like that.”

Backbreaker laughs at the notion.

“Eh, I humor 'em,” he continues. “Let 'em think they’ve got me under their thumb.”

Oddball walks over to Axis and crouches down, cocking his small head to the side as he looks to see if she was okay.

Dweep?” he beeps inquisitively.

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Axis looked up at the strange looking bot, more confused than before. Her headache not helping. She simply looked at him with a confused expression which also conveyed a lack of patience.

“Wait a minute. Vex? What’s that? Could someone please explain what’s going on?”
Maximus said.

Just then a screen mounted high on a wall lit up, showing someone the prisoners would know all too well. Iota.

“Good morning savages! I hope you all slept well?”
The being’s “face”, if you could even call it that, flashed with every syllable.


“As well as can be expected lords.” Juliana said with a bow.

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Oddball turns and looks away from Axis, up at Iota. His eyes narrow.

That,” Backbreaker says to Maximus, pointing at the screen, “is a Vex.”

The Autobot’s voice was deep and guttural, tempered by his advanced age.

“The most insufferable spawn of a glitch of 'em all, to be precise.”

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“My oh my, it seems our new guests are awake. Excellent. Welcome to your new lives. This is my colosseum. You shall do as I say, when I say it.”

“Slag off!”
Maximus shouted, as he started to get very angry.
“How about you come down here yourself and I’ll show you exactly what I’ll do.”

“As tempting as your offer is, I think I’ll pass.”

Axis stood up, standing close by Maximus’ side.
“Hey. Maybe you should calm down. Maybe figure out what’s happening first?”

“What? Hell no. I’m not gonna stand for this.”
He then turned his attention back to the monitor.
“Let us out you glass faced freak before I make you!”

“Well you’re a feisty one aren’t you. Tell you what predacon. If you can defeat my champion in a one on one duel, I’ll set you free. In fact, I’ll release all of you! No strings attached.”
Iota spoke with a sinister tone to his voice.

“Alright. You’re on!”

“Maximus, I really don’t think this is a good idea.”
Axis urged.

“Splendid! I shall inform the masses. As for the rest of you, consider yourselves lucky. All other matches will be delayed. We have a new main event tonight.”

The minor then deactivated.


“Um… you uh, you do realize that he’s not going to let us go right?” Juliana meekly added from a corner.

“Probably not, but if I can take down this “champion”, hopefully I’ll get a chance to beat him down myself. And then we’ll all get out of here.”

“Personally I think you should stop jumping in head first into fights you probably can’t win.”
Axis said in a very stern voice.

“Please. How tough can this guy be?”

Boo-bwoooo…” Oddball whistles, his shoulders drooping.

Backbreaker sighs, shaking his head.

“Last I heard, very. I’m not very high up on the food chain here, and that’s mainly because I’ve been losing fights to avoid him.”

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“Oh come on. How can you just live like this? How can you just sit by while this… This… Lightbulb tells you what to do!”
Maximus said, getting very worked up over this grave injustice.

“Finally! Someone who’s speaking my language.”
A blue and red car bot said, standing up and walking up to Maximus.

“Oh here we go again with the revolution. When are you gonna give it a rest?”
Said a beefy and heavily armed decepticon.

“When are you gonna start living a little Demolishor!”
The car bot shouted back.

“I’m living just fine where I am thank you very much!”

“Oh well that’s just perfect.”
Axis said angrily.
“Well I guess that’s Maxi for ya.”
She muttered under her breath.

“Hey, you two,” Backbreaker greets Demolishor and Hot Shot with a short wave.

Da-da-bwop!” Oddball chirps, perking up and waving his hand animatedly.

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“Oh, hey Backbreaker.”
Hotshot said, being so caught up in his argument that he hardly noticed the big guy at first.

"Come on, you’d love to get out of here if you could right?’

“Will you get your head out of the clouds! Even if we did get out, where would we go? It’s not like Cybertron would take us back.”

Hotshot did his best to ignore Demolishor’s statement, but it was very clearly getting on his nerves.